Quarantine Self-Care Guide: Skin, Nails, & Hair

We are living in very weird times. Taking care of our skin, hair, nails, and bodies—can be a key indicator of mental health. And habits, whether a simple bathing ritual or a nighttime regimen for glowing skin, can help us feel a fraction of control during this time. If there’s an opportunity to slow down and to help ourselves feel and even look better in the midst of all that’s been lost, that’s a gamble worth taking.

Obviously, these are extraordinary times. The current worldwide crisis has disrupted normal routines. It’s easy to neglect or simply drop your beauty regimen when you’re not going out and mingling with others. But in many ways, how you show up for yourself is the single most important factor in any of your daily routines. After all, who are we doing this for anyway?

During a time when quarantine has become our new routine, a little self-care is vital to help us find the balance we need. Grooming and beauty woes might seem trivial in comparison to the global Coronavirus pandemic, but with salons and other non-essential businesses shut down, at-home hacks and DIY fixes have become the new normal. 

Here’s how to take care of your nails, hair, and skin at home—because if there was ever a time to be kind to yourself, it’s now.

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Skin Care

You’ve probably already been dealing with dry hands as a result of washing them more frequently, but that dryness could impact the skin on your face as well. The goal of any skin-care routine is to tune up your complexion so it’s functioning at its best, and also troubleshoot or target any areas you want to work on. 

Use the correct cleanser for your skin type

In the morning, start by splashing your face with warm water or, if you must, wash with a gentle face cleanser designed for your skin type. The oil cleansing method has become extremely popular during this time, and with an emulsifier people are seeing great results.

Use toner to correct your skin’s PH.

Most people choose to skip toners, partly because there’s a lingering assumption that most toners are harsh and irritate the skin. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore. While they don’t physically “shrink” pores, the new breed of toners can serve multiple purposes, like act as a delivery system for antioxidants, vitamin B derivatives and even toning acids.

We recommend swapping the toner with flower water or hydrosols. They provide all the benefits of toners but also include the healing effects of plants. What’s even better, you can make them yourself. Some of the best plant waters to use for skincare are cucumber, calendula, lemon balm, and helichrysum .

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Yes, everyone needs a moisturizer, even if you have oily skin. Even if you are in the house all day, we have a few reasons you should moisturize your skin every day. Even though your body has its own natural lubricating system consisting of glands that secrete oil (or sebum) to maintain a protective coating. Moisturizing can help reduce signs of aging, and give you slowing skin. Looking for natural ways to moisturize? We have quite a few options:

Check out

Nail Care Hacks EVERYONE Should Know!

Nail Care

Give yourself a manicure.

With all that extra time spent on your has DIY nds, don’t forget about your nails. De-stress and give yourself a DIY manicure. There are a lot of pre-packaged manicure tool kits you can get to keep your nails looking clean—but you probably don’t need them. They often include a bunch of products you likely won’t use. Instead, get yourself the basic tools: clippers, a file, and a buffer.

Oil your cuticles.

We know it’s tempting to cut and push those cuticles, but you should refrain from it as you can introduce bacteria and get it infected. Try a cuticle oil or using cacay oil to and keep your hands moisturized to avoid cracking.

Build your nail strength

If you are dealing with weak or brittle nails we have a nail strengtheners users recommended as well here.

Hair Washing Hacks That Will Save Your Hair

Hair Care

Just like your skin and nails, your hair needs some love. It doesn’t matter if you have curly hair, thin hair, oily hair, dry hair, or any other type of hair—certain hair care tips are universal. While you may want to tailor your routine to your hair type, the basics of hair care are just as important to know—if not more so.

Wash your hair weekly and use lukewarm water

Just because you’re in the house doesn’t mean allow your hair to collect build-up and dust. Just as your body collects dirt so does your scalp. Wash weekly to keep your hair and scalp clean and healthy.

Scalding showers may feel relaxing, but if you’re being real with yourself, they aren’t worth it. That almost-too-hot-to-touch water can actually strip your hair of essential oils, which can leave it feeling drier and looking duller

Be gentle when drying your hair.

A towel totally seems like the obvious way to remove excess water and start drying your hair post-shower, but it may not be what’s best. One of our better hair tips? Squeeze out excess water and then dry off using an old cotton T-shirt, which is gentler than a towel.

Don’t wear ponytails all day.

Ponytails are a classic for a reason. Come on, just think about how convenient it is to be able to sweep all of your hair off your face. Still, that doesn’t mean they’re right for 100% of the time. Pulling your hair up every day can put unnecessary strain on your locks. Try wearing your hair down more often, rocking lower and looser ponytails, and using softer hair ties that won’t pinch

Air dry if possible.

Because excessive heat styling can damage your strands in the long run, the stylists suggests letting your hair air dry as often as you can. 

Use natural products.

Natural ingredients in hair products can gently yet effectively help to impart vitamins, minerals, oils, and botanical extracts to the scalp and the hair follicles. They can also gently stimulate the growth of new hair, help hair retain its natural moisture, and enhance the overall texture and appearance of the hair. Using natural moisturizing butters and doing detox hair masks are excellent ways to treat your hair.

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Practicing self-care means addressing your personal needs so that you can find a happy balance in your life.  It allows you to be better equipped to handle life’s challenges and is the best way to prevent mental, emotional, and physical burnout

Just getting away for a few minutes and devoting to some “me-time” can make life far more manageable.  Your health & wellness matter, so put yourself on your own “priority” list. 

And when you start taking better care of yourself, other areas of your life will begin to blossom too.  You can never be the best version of yourself if you aren’t taking care of yourself.