You’ve arrived at Healthy Huemans, a group of individuals dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive wellness environment. Because wellness is a global need, it’s critical to include people from all walks of life. In every area of life, prioritizing diversity and inclusion is important; however, in the health field, it is especially crucial.

about Healthy Huemans

Diversity in wellness is vital because everyone deserves to feel healthy and well.

We’re a diverse group of health enthusiasts that want to assist everyone in living their best lives, so we decided it would be beneficial to share our own experiences, research topics that interest us, and views as individuals who aren’t often represented in the wellness space.

Who is Behind Healthy Huemans?

We are a trio of pals from California, Chicago, and Dubai who are enthusiastic about self-care, wellness, and happiness. After dealing with trendy nutrition advice, bland recipes, exercises that didn’t target our ideal body image, and stories that didn’t reflect our experience in the world we created Healthy Huemans. Our diverse backgrounds have enabled us to develop a unique view on wellness that is not based solely on the traditional standards of beauty and health. Our blog strives to celebrate this kind of diversity in addition to celebrating healthy lifestyle choices across cultures and religions.

What can you find on Healthy Huemans?

Our topics are just as diverse as we are! You can find almost anything from wellness guides on everything healthy to nutrition, recipes, DIYs, and how-to’s; to skincare, wellness, travel, fitness, home care, and more.

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Diversity doesn’t just end with us and we know that wellness doesn’t just apply to one type of lifestyle. Healthy Huemans is not only about the well-being of people, but it’s also about the diversity we see in life and how we can spread that around. That means we encourage our readers to share their stories as well! We’re all different and unique in our own ways, and we want to help each other grow together because of that.

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