11 Incredible Cupuacu Butter Benefits

Cupuacu Butter benefits are a natural emollient and contains natural fatty acids, so it is a very effective moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin. It might be difficult to pronounce (for the record, it’s coo-pwah-soo), but it’s easy to see why cupuaçu butter is pretty much taking over the beauty world.

5 Incredible Kamias Benefits for Skin

Ready to change your skin care products? Because it is rich with antioxidants, vitamins B and C, and iron, this tree is very useful and beneficial for your skin. Every part of the tree is beneficial, the leaves, fruits, and flowers. It is rich in glucoside, peroxide, sulfur, potassium citrate, calcium oxalate, formic acid, as well as tannins.

11 Great Gingelly Oil Benefits for Hair

When it comes to an all-in-one natural hair treatment, Gingelly oil can be considered as the best one. The golden-yellow colored liquid extracted from the Gingelly seeds is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and hence, it has multipurpose uses for our hair.

DIY: Manicure For Nail Biters

Biting your nails is a terrible habit, one that is extremely hard to stop. Most of us are fighting a constant battle between the urge to bite and the desire to have lovely, strong, smooth nails that actually look good under a coat of varnish.

9 Ways To Stop Your Hair From Frizzing in Humidity

Blame your genes, hair products or bad luck, but frizzy hair is the bane of your locks’ existence. Our hair has a mind of its own when humidity is at an all-time high. Hot days should be all about enjoying the warm weather by hitting the beach—not bad hair days.

Why is My Hair So Staticy? We Have 11 Answers.

Winter begins and suddenly hair turns into some sort of science project. As humidity goes below 60%, static takes its place. The elements, lack of moisture in the air, and heated indoor environments all play a part in in hair, especially staticy hair. Frizz and fly-aways happen to the best of us