How to Soothe Irritated Skin After Nair – 5 Amazing Tips

Skin irritation after using a cream-based hair remover can be very painful and leave blisters and a rash in the affected area. The cause of the irritation happens because these skin creams that are used to remove unwanted hair, have chemicals in them, which can resort to the pain and irritation of the skin. In addition, leaving a depilatory on for too long can also resort to painful burns, blisters, itchy and peeling skin.

You can prevent your skin from being harmed by these creams by following the directions step by step, and if you happen to have very sensitive skin, remembering to leave the cream on for a shorter amount of time. Also, you should ensure that your skin is clean and before applying the cream; this will give your skin the proper care that it needs in order to prevent skin irritation.

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There are different ways to soothe your skin after your skin has been irritated. The best way to figure out which remedy will help you the most is what will treat it the fastest way, and how severe the affected area may be. Below are 5 amazing tips on how soothe irritated skin after using Nair.

1: Aloe Vera Gel

According to the The Klog, applying aloe vera gel for two to four days should help tremendously. There are different types of aloe vera gels, the one best suited for this type of situation would be one without drying alcohols. This will help with any swelling or redness that you have exhibited from using the hair removal cream.

2: Cold Water Rinse

The next remedy you would want to try; is immediately rinsing the skin with cool water. You may want to continue to rinse of the burn for about 20 minutes, so you can remove any residue such as dirt and bacteria. Not only does rinsing the skin help with any bacteria or residue that may have affected the skin, it cools your skin down after the burn, so your skin feels better. Rinse the affected area a couple times a day, to help with irritation and to cool the skin down. You don’t want to add any type of soap or any other types of body washes during the rinsing of your skin. This will only cause your skin to become more inflamed and it will only take your skin longer to heal. The fragrances in the soaps and body washes have chemicals in them that could cause your skin to have a lot of swelling and dryness.

3: Antibiotic Ointments

Another way to heal the skin would be to apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to the affected skin. This will help prevent any type of infection from occurring on the skin. Having a skin infection will only lead to a more serious problems, so you want to ensure that if you see your skin becoming more irritated over time, such as swelling or consistent redness, you use a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to help. Antibiotic ointment also has medicinal components in it, which will help prevent any bacteria from coming into the burn. This may be an approach you want to take coupled with using a gel. The antibiotic ointment will help prevent germs from coming into contact with your burn, which is another reason you would want to use the antibiotic cream.

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4: Analgesic Gels

Another way you could soothe your skin is by using a analgesic gel to help with the different pain and irritation of the skin as needed. Analgesic gel, is a topical reliever that helps soothe the skin of the burn and helps swelling as well. You may want to use this is the morning after you shower and before you go to bed because you want to ensure your skin is healing the way it should. Not putting the gel on consistently could ultimately make the healing process take longer. If you are out and about during the day, you may want to bring the gel with you to help ease the pain throughout your work day, or if you are out running errands. Do not wait to come home to apply the gel, keep it on you at all times.

5: Protect with Gauzes

Covering the skin with a gauze will have a positive impact on the recovery of your skin. According to Live Strong, a gauze provides a soft barrier over the burned skin without causing any irritation. What is good about gauze, is that it can be cut into an appropriate size to match the burn wound. To make sure that the gauze is placed on the wound securely, you want to add antibiotic cream to the affected are to ensure that the gauze stays in place. A gauze will also add extra support and create a secure barrier, if you are wearing pants so that the wound does not get further irritated.

Overall having a skin burn or irritation from skin hair remover can be very uncomfortable. Products such as Nair, have had severed impacts of itching, burning and swelling, so you want to make sure that you are following these steps to prevent any harm to your skin. Proper maintenance before and after the use of the skin cream, will cut down your chances of having a negative outcome with a cream based hair remover. Remember to always make sure that the area you are removing the hair from is very clean, follow the step by step instructions, and most importantly do not leave the cream on for too long. If you do not follow take the proper care of your skin while using the cream, it could cause tremendous havoc to your skin, and could ultimately send you do the doctor which would be a very severe issue for you and cause you more pain and discomfort in the long run. If you follow these steps, I am sure that your skin will be well taken care if you use a hair removal cream.