How To Make Mascara Last Longer

On the quest for the best lashes, we have all tried different mascaras. While some work better than others they all seem to have one thing in common, they don’t last for a long time. It’s not uncommon to open your mascara to find it clumpy or even dry. Fortunately, we have found some tips on how to make mascara last longer. It’s a combination of proper tube patience and how you apply the mascara.

Your eyes are some of the most important tools for communication. By making your eyelashes appear bolder, you can draw attention to your eyes and look more approachable. Mascara is a valuable beauty tool that many women use every day. For some women, it can be used as a daily ritual to open their eyes. It appears as if they have used an eyeliner pencil to make their eyes appear bolder. On the other hand, others may choose not to wear mascara every day. When they do use it for special occasions, they are dismayed by how quickly it dries out or clumps. This can be frustrating because it becomes a waste of money.

Knowing how to make mascara last longer can easily help your favorite beauty product last twice as long. Instead of throwing away money every month on a new tube, you can make it last longer and save money at the same time. Mascara is not the only beauty tool that will benefit from this tip; there are several others that can be used in conjunction with this one.

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Now when we say last longer we mean:

  1. last longer in the tube
  2. last longer on your lashes

Here is a quick video to get you started and continue reading for more.

How To Make Mascara Last Longer: In your tube

Mascara tubes are airtight, when air gets in it dries out. Even if you don’t use the whole product before it dries out, opening the tube will let in air and therefore dryness. Making your mascara last longer can be easily fixed by making sure your mascara closes all the way every time you use it. Make sure to close your mascara after every use to keep it lasting longer.

1. NEVER pump the brush into the tube. This pushes air into it which makes your mascara dry faster. It will also make the product go on clumpy. Instead, swirl the brush around gently to make sure there’s enough on it before you apply.

2. Another way you can make it last longer is by washing off the excess. When you are applying your makeup wash any excess product off before it drys completely. This will prevent clumping and drying out of your mascara. Keep in mind that removing excess product before it dries is only a temporary solution.

3. Another way you can make your mascara last longer is by making sure you clean it every once in a while. Cleaning out the brush of your naked eye care will remove any excess product that ends up on it. This makes sure there is no clumping or dryness to your mascara.

4. Next, find the right kind for you. Having the right kind of mascara will make sure it lasts longer. You need to find something that is not too dry or too wet. Try to buy waterproof if you are having a lot of problems with your mascara drying out.

5. Another way to make mascara last longer involves a combination of using a hairdryer and cold water. So why does this work? It doesn’t have to do with the mascara itself, but with how you use it. As it dries out the water inside evaporates, causing the lashes to stick together. Adding some cold water and heating up keeps the liquid in, allowing your mascara to flow more freely.

As you’re trying this at home keep these things in mind:

  • Do not use boiling hot or very cold water
  • Don’t be impatient

By keeping these things in mind, you’re doing your best to keep the liquid inside without causing more damage. Simply hold a hairdryer on a cold setting about 12 inches away from the tube for 10 seconds. Then open up the cap and use a fine tip sharp object or toothpick to break up any clumps. Close it back up and repeat the process if necessary.

Don’t forget to wash off any residue with warm water!

6. If yours is clumpy or dry is to add a couple of drops of contact lens solution to the tube, replace the wand and let it sit overnight so that it can soak in. This works well with any dried-up mascaras.

How To Make Mascara Last Longer: On Your Lashes

7. The next thing to try is a little trick to help align the mascara so that it doesn’t clump as much as it goes on. With the wand, you want to wiggle it slightly at the base of your lashes going up and then going back down again at the tips. This will allow for a nice clean line and prevents any clumping.

8. If you want one that will last longer throughout the day, try using an eyelash primer before you apply your mascara. The primer coats the lashes making it easier for them to hold up all day without transferring or smudging onto your upper lid. The primer also adds volume to the lashes as well as separates them to make the mascara less likely to clump as well as make it last longer.

9. If you’re looking for a way to make your mascara even more waterproof, try using some oil-free face wash and apply it to the lashes with a q-tip, and then use a cotton swab for your eye area.

10. The next way to make your mascara last longer is by using a lash brush after you have applied it. This helps distribute the lashes evenly and prevents clumping or building up in one area of the wand.

11. If none of these appeals to you, try getting a new mascara rather than buying all of these extra products to make it work. A new mascara will have different formulas that are meant to be waterproof or clump-resistant which can save time and money in the long run.

Overall, a good mascara will last longer and look better. You can try using any of these tricks or simply buy another mascara that is made to do the job for you!