What No One’s Told You About Getting Your Lashes Done

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

If you’re into the latest beauty trends, then chances are that you’ve heard of lash extensions. If not, here’s a brief explanation: Lash extensions are extensions to your natural lashes with synthetic fibers. They create an illusion of longer, fuller eyelashes without having to use mascara or other false-lashed products on your eyes. The procedure lasts about two hours and is done by applying individual synthetic strands to each eyelash one at a time using special adhesive gel. Usually, you find before and after photos but rarely does someone share their experience.

Well here is my lash extension story. If you’re considering doing this yourself or getting it done by a professional, read on.

After I had my first daughter I noticed that my lashes were thinner and shorter than before. And on top of that, they had also lost their curl so even with good mascara on, I still looked like a tired mom every day! So when a friend of mine mentioned that she underwent a lash lift and got amazing results, I jumped at the chance to do this procedure myself.

When she told me that it can last up to 8 weeks and that her lashes looked better than before, I didn’t hesitate even for a second. After all, every girl deserves to look like they just applied lashings of mascara, right?

I made an appointment and shortly afterward went to the salon where my friendly lash lift pro did the treatment. The whole thing took about two hours and we chatted through most of it. The time flew by and as I sat in that chair getting lashes one by one attached, I just stopped noticing how long I’d been sitting there. In fact, as she got closer to the end of the lashes and I could sort of feeling them on my lashes but without being uncomfortable or anything.

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She was so nice that before I knew it, she finished my treatment! My eyes were a bit wet because by this time they started feeling itchy and that’s why we had to pause for a couple of minutes before applying the last few lashes. The whole thing was so painless and quick, I couldn’t wait to show off my new look! And I definitely got the wow factor from people who saw me after this treatment. They were all impressed with how long and full my lashes looked!

But here comes the but – as you can imagine, everything that looks too good to be true usually is. My initial excitement over these lashes faded away pretty quickly as during one week I noticed small things going wrong with this lash lift treatment. First, some strands started falling out already on day two post-treatment. It didn’t bother me at first as this happens sometimes but as the days went by I started noticing a whole bunch of stray lashes on my cheeks, plus a couple more fell out every day which was irritating.

So by week 4 or 5 after doing this treatment at home, my usual face cleansing routine included plucking these lashes from my skin every morning and evening! And that wasn’t all. Some of them were really stuck in there and they simply would not pull out no matter what I tried so I had to go with tweezers (which caused some pain but whatever).

Don’t get me wrong – it was totally worth it for the first one or two weeks where people noticed how long and full they looked like mine. But now? After five weeks? No way. The lashes are thin and spindly, not at all like they were even a week ago.

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I’m still mad that this procedure only lasted for such a short time but considering the pain of pulling those lashes out of my skin daily, I can’t say that I miss them! And with June coming up, it’s definitely time to switch over to my summer beauty routine which includes no false lashes or extensions whatsoever.

All in all, if you’re considering getting lash lifts for yourself then know that you’ll have to be patient. This treatment is not an instant fix but instead requires upkeep every week until it finally fades off on its own after one month or so. But once it does fade off? You won’t regret it and you’ll be so happy that you did this candlelight treatment!

So if you want your lashes to look longer and fuller for a short time, go ahead and do it. But I guarantee you, whether we like it or not the results will fade sooner than we’d like them to fade as lash lifts don’t last as long as other beauty treatments out there such as eyelash extensions.

Lash Extension Pros and Cons

Lash Extension Pros:

  • Painless treatment that lasts for a short period of time
  • Results will fade after a few weeks which means you have to go back every week until the treatment is over
  • Gets expensive if you go weekly, but not as expensive as lash extensions
  • Relaxing environment where everyone gets treated with utmost care and professionalism by the lash lift pro herself.
  • You’ll get compliments about your new look! Especially during the first one or two weeks. People will notice how long and full your lashes look like you just applied mascara. So don’t forget to tell them the truth about your lash lift experience! 🙂

Lash Extension Cons:

  • Some strands tend to fall out prematurely (within an average of 3 weeks post-treatment). You have to pluck the lashes from your skin every morning and evening. It gets quite annoying after a couple of weeks.
  • Some lashes are harder to remove than others, so you have to use tweezers which can be very painful at times. – The whole process takes around an hour depending on how many people are in the lash lift session.
  • Stray eyelashes will appear everywhere! You’ll notice them on your cheeks, even behind your ears and your hairline sometimes. It’s such a hassle having to pick off these horrible stubs of lashes from your skin daily.
  • Sometimes they are not natural looking especially for those who want super natural looking lashes all the time.
  • The lashes look so much fuller during the first week, but after that, they slowly go back to normal until it finally fades off.
  • It’s expensive if you do it every week. But the good news is, you’ll get compliments for just about two weeks straight! So that’s something to look forward to doing this treatment at home.
  • The results fade pretty quickly after a few weeks which means you’ll have to keep going back for weekly treatments until it’s over.

Finally, let’s just say that I wouldn’t ever recommend getting this treatment done at home. Does it require too much maintenance which is why I only see myself doing this again when my circumstances change completely – maybe in another few years? There are some things where I believe the professionals still have the upper hand over DIY procedures!