Top 9 Torreya Seed Benefits For Skin

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Herbal skincare is the regular incorporation of natural herbs into one’s skin to keep it fresh, healthy, and glowing. I love to use lavender, aloe vera, and green tea in my skincare because this combination is effective in dealing with acne problems. However, I think it is time to try something new so I googled natural skincare ingredients and up popped Torreya seed. Torreya seed benefits for skin include fighting acne, reducing inflammation, anti-aging, lightening, and moisturizing properties. I was quite impressed with the list of benefits; now it is time to learn more about this seed.

Torreya seeds can be imported from China where they are grown in abundance. This herb has been used extensively throughout history to treat a wide range of ailments both internally and externally. Ancient Chinese people used it to heal hypertension, lactation problems, and inflammations. The dried seed can be crushed into powder form where one teaspoon of the powder is equivalent to eight grams of unpowdered seeds.

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Torreya seed has been used as a remedy for hypertension, lactation problems, and inflammations. It was said to be useful in cases of nocturnal emission and spontaneous sweating too. In addition, this herb can even be found in some topical formulations. There are chemists who add this herb to their skin-whitening gel because it contains certain chemicals that can help lighten the skin. Although I am not too sure about its effectiveness, some people claim that they use Torreya seed oil and powder to get rid of their scars and dark spots.

You can usually find Torreya seeds in powdered form in most natural health food stores. One popular product containing this ingredient is known as retinol cream – a combination of Vitamin A and several herbs including Torreya seeds. It can be found at almost any natural health store or ordered online. In skincare products, it goes by “Torreya Nucifera Seed Oil” but some also call it by its scientific name “Torreya Nucifera Bark Extract.”

Properties of Torreya seeds1

Oleic acid – this property in Torreya seeds is great for skin moisturizing and anti-aging. This acid is also known to protect our skin from harmful UV rays thus preventing sun damage, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging.

Gamma linoleic acid – this property in Torreya seeds can help fight acne because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It was even said that the antioxidants found in this herb can protect our skin from the effects of free radicals.

Palmitic acid – another property found in Torreya seeds that is good for skin anti-aging and moisturizing. It also helps reduce acne problems as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties similar to those of Gamma linoleic acid. Palmitic acid aids blood circulation thus making it possible for more nutrients and oxygen to get into the skin.

Squalene – a chemical ingredient in Torreya seeds that is good for preventing acne. Squalene is a natural antioxidant similar to Vitamin A, E, and C. It can prevent skin from premature aging too thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Some experts even claim that squalene is as effective as retinol.

Although there are no clinical studies that can prove the efficacy of Torreya seed benefits for skin, I have read a lot of online reviews from those who have used this herb to treat their acne and eczema problems. The majority of these people agree that Torreya seed oil helped lighten their scars, especially those that are caused by acne. Some people also use seed powder in lieu of chemical exfoliants because it does not irritate the skin.

Torreya nucifera

Torreya Seed Benefits for Skin

1. Brightens and Lightens Complexion

Over time skin can become dull and less radiant because of a number of reasons. Some people have naturally dull skin while others experience this from using certain products or from improper skincare. There are even cases when dullness occurs after trauma is done to the face, such as what acne does to the skin during its hormonal surges.

In order for our complexion to shine and look bright, we need to keep it looking young. This task cannot be done in only a couple of days. Rather, skin brightening requires an overall regimen that includes proper cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and protection against the elements2.

One key ingredient for skincare that helps brighten up our complexion is Torreya seed. Because this herb is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it helps rejuvenate our skin and make it look younger.

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2. Treats Acne

Acne is a common skin problem among people of all ages. There are several reasons why acne occurs but the most common one is a hormonal activity that causes an imbalance in sebum secretion. This results in clogged pores and leads to acne breakouts.

Since there are a number of causes for acne, the treatment will vary depending on the cause. However, some experts believe that Torreya seed benefits for the skin can help treat acne and prevent more outbreaks from happening in the future. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties similar to those of aspirin thus curing more than acne – it promises to cure inflammation and redness, too3.

Torreya seed powder can also help fight acne and related skin conditions because of the Gamma linoleic acid (GLA) found in this herb. This is a type of Omega-6 fatty acid that helps with problems such as psoriasis and eczema thus treating acne as well.

3. Tightens Pores to Prevent Blackheads

Our pores are natural openings in our skin that allow sebum or oil to come out. When these are clogged, sweat and impurities get stuck inside the pores leading to blackheads. If not treated properly, blackheads can even turn into pimples so it is important to get rid of these blemishes before they become worse.

Tightening pores with the use of Torreya seed benefits for skin is very effective because it contains fatty acids that can help tighten pores. While most blemishes are caused by clogged pores, blackheads are actually caused by excess oil production just below the skin’s surface. Thus, in order to get rid of these dark spots, we need to control the sebum’s production and we can do this by using Torreya seed benefits for the skin4.

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4. Treats Psoriasis and Eczema

Torreya seed is used in treating not only acne but also other dermatological conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. There is a high amount of GLA found in this herb which makes it effective in curing these skin problems.

People who have psoriasis often see red patches on their skin. These areas are usually dry, scaly, and raised making the person feel unpleasant about himself or herself. Psoriasis can also cause intense itching that may affect a person’s sleep thus causing him or her to wake up feeling unrefreshed.

Eczema is another skin condition that causes intense itching and rashes on the skin. The area affected by this type of skin disease becomes dry and thick which may cause cracks, bleeding, and oozing if not treated immediately. Symptoms of eczema usually worsen at night thus disrupting sleep and causing restless nights.

Torreya seed benefits for skin can help treat psoriasis and eczema because of the fatty acids found in this herb. Since they play a vital role in keeping our skin smooth as well as preventing inflammation, they also can help prevent such dermatological problems from occurring on the epidermal layer of the skin.

5. Provides Protection from the Sun

One of the major causes of premature aging is sun damage. The UV rays coming from the sun are very harmful to our skin because it may lead to wrinkles, dark spots, and leathery-looking skin. To prevent these changes in our complexion, it is important to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 when going out under the heat of the sun. You can also wear protective clothing before stepping outside just to be on the safe side.

Since there are several ways that can help you achieve flawless-looking skin, using Torreya seed benefits for skin is just one way among many others that may work for you. It contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals thus preventing cell damage caused by these harmful substances. Also, it can prevent collagen breakdown thus keeping our skin firm and elastic5.

6. Moisturizes Dry Areas of the Skin

There are some parts of our skin that tend to be dry. These areas include the elbows, knees, ankles, and eyelids which can become flaky if not properly moisturized by using products with humectants like glycerin. This kind of ingredient attracts water making it ideal in hydrating dry skin thus preventing chaffing or itching when certain parts rub against each other.

When you exfoliate your skin regularly before applying a body lotion containing glycerin, you can also prevent ingrown hairs from forming because you will remove dead cells on the outermost layer of the epidermis thus allowing for better absorption.

7. Tones Skin

This herb is traditionally used to clear up acne scars and other skin imperfections. It contains flavonoids and antioxidants that can aid in toning the skin by increasing its elasticity. This way, you can get rid of fine lines and wrinkles while also reducing or removing blemishes on your epidermis.

Torreya seed benefits for skin probably won’t take away all your skin problems especially if they are caused by hormones such as pimples which tend to occur during times of hormonal changes like puberty or pregnancy. However, it can remove some of these imperfections and make them less visible over time when used regularly.

8. Prevents Premature Aging

When it comes to finding a way to maintain a youthful appearance, using Torreya seed benefits for skin is one of the best natural remedies out there. The antioxidants found in this herb neutralize free radicals thus preventing cell damage which can cause wrinkles and sunspots in the long run.

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9. Treats Skin Pigmentation

Melanin is the substance that gives our skin its color. However, when too much of it is produced in one area of our epidermis, dark patches can form on the face or any other part of the body where this increased pigmentation occurs.

There are many factors that cause hyperpigmentation such as acne breakouts and sun exposure to name a few. As soon as you see some signs of these changes in your complexion, it is important to use Torreya seed benefits for skin extract or vitamin c serum immediately before these unwanted spots become more visible.

List of Natural Skin Care Products with Torreya Seed Benefits

Torreya seed is available in a capsule so it can be taken orally or in essential oil to use with carrier oils topically. If you want a topical formula, there are a few products that contain this ingredient such as facial cleansers and creams.

Here’s a list of some of the best brands with Torreya seed as an active ingredient: