The Best Crystals For Manifesting and Abundance

The best crystals for manifesting and abundance are those that suit your personality and the specific goal you wish to manifest. A crystal’s ability to aid manifestation or enhance abundance is closely tied with its metaphysical properties of attracting energy, releasing negativity, clearing negative energies from an area, healing a situation on all levels of mind, body, and emotions. Some crystals have a more universal quality to them while others may be chosen specifically for one of the above reasons or any combination thereof.

Crystals pair well with the law of attraction and manifestation as they provide unique energy for the potential that is not found in most other things. They can help guide you into a state of allowing and attracting what you need to yourself more effortlessly than ever before. A manifestation crystal can help you achieve your goals and clear any negative energy in your life to allow the right situation to take place.

Positive thinking is also a big part of manifesting. It is important to stay positive while wanting your goals to happen as it will give you more energy and belief behind your goals, increasing the chance that they will come into being. Keeping yourself positive can be difficult at times but it’s well worth the results. Using crystals for manifestation or abundance can help you achieve that goal.

Crystals are natural tools that come from the earth which can be used to aid manifestation either on your own or with others during a group ritual, ceremony, or meditation. They also make great personal energy tools for putting yourself in a positive state through collecting them, cleaning them, admiring their beauty, and carrying them with you throughout the day.

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People who benefit from manifestation-specific crystals may be artists, entrepreneurs, healers, intuitives, teachers, or if you have a goal of any type that requires hard work and belief in yourself. Many people get great results using the quartz family of stones for their manifestation crystal needs. Some popular types of quartz include clear quartz crystal, smokey quartz, and amethyst. Each of these is known for its metaphysical properties.

Crystals may be chosen for their metaphysical properties or they may be chosen because you like how they look or feel when you hold them. Many people choose different crystals based on recommendations from friends, family, and loved ones while others choose them because their personality type “calls” to one crystal over another. Using crystals is an effective way to remove negative energy and create a space that is ready for positive things to manifest.

The right crystal or manifestation stone can be like giving a big boost to your manifestation or abundance efforts. It can assist you in accessing the energetic wavelength of accomplishment and wealth-creation, helping to bring those things into your life more easily. The best way to choose a crystal is to think about your specific goals and what you would like to manifest or bring into your life more abundantly and pair it with the metaphysical properties associated with attracting that thing into your life.

Some metaphysical qualities to consider when choosing a crystal for manifesting and abundance include:

  • The ability to amplify energy – A crystal with this quality will help draw greater amounts of positive energy towards you, which is necessary for attracting money or improving any other aspect related to prosperity. Crystals that have been known throughout history as being helpful for making wishes come true are usually good candidates for amplifying energy.
  • The ability to pull in negative energy – In order to release bad habits surrounding money issues, attract new money for your business, or make positive changes in any other way regarding prosperity, a crystal that can draw out and transmute negative energies is ideal. Crystals with this quality will help you get rid of any obstacles standing between you and the manifestation of abundance. This could be anything from past money-related traumas to limiting beliefs about not being deserving of wealth.
  • The ability to ground energy – A grounding stone should be used when working on manifesting or attracting more abundance into your life for stability reasons. It prevents the excess flow of energy from going straight to your head and sending you off into fantasy land while also having an overall soothing effect on mind, body, and emotions alike.
  • The ability to link the lower and higher chakras – A stone that can merge the energies of the lower three chakras (survival, action, emotion) with that of the crown chakra (spiritual guidance, connection to creator) helps you attract abundance into your life in whatever form is best suited for you.
  • The ability to cleanse negativity – A crystal that can help release negativity from your body, mind, spirit, or environment clears negative thoughts and feelings about money thus creating an aura conducive to attracting prosperity.

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Crystals are powerful tools and should be treated with respect. They must be cleansed before and after each use. When working with crystals to attract abundance their vibrations must also be charged which means leaving them up all night on the new moon or just before it rises, at noon on a bright sunny day, or any time of power (full moon, summer solstice, etc). Your crystal will absorb this energy over time so the more powerful the energy the better! Place them in an area where you can see them easily so they can act as daily reminders of your intentions.

The Best Crystals For Manifesting and Abundance 

1. Rose quartz – This stone is a symbol of love and beauty. It clears away negative energy, opens the heart chakra, and allows compassion to flow through your being with positivity. Rose quartz is an all-around feel-good crystal from head to toe. If you’re in need of a little good luck, unconditional love, or just a bright outlook on life then rose quartz will help you manifest abundance in powerful ways.

2. Selenite – Selenite cleanses your aura with its light energies. It enhances psychic ability and makes you more open to receiving positive messages from higher sources or from within yourself if you already do that on some level. The cleansing effect of selenite also helps you release any fears that may be standing in the way of becoming wealthier and releasing past traumas involving money issues such as abuse, and an unjust lottery wins, etc.

3. Clear quartz – This is one of the most popular crystals on Earth seen in a wide range of jewelry and decor pieces. It is a powerful amplifier of energy which makes it the perfect crystal for manifesting abundance. Clear quartz crystals absorb, store, release, and regulate energy so they can be used to enhance your thoughts or heal your emotions by allowing you to get rid of any impurities preventing them from becoming pure positive vibrations that support prosperity.

4. Black obsidian – This powerful stone absorbs negative energy and can rid you of anger, jealousy, resentment, fear, or any other possible blockages standing between you and the manifestation of your prosperity. It also absorbs bad vibes from others around you. Obsidian is not a crystal that requires cleansing because it does this job on its own! It is the perfect stone to use if you are dealing with an excess of people’s negativity in your everyday life.

5. Blue lace agate – For emotional grounding use blue lace agate since it has calming properties that help stabilize feelings of frustration or anxiety when changes start happening in your life that force you to adapt at short notice. This type of stress tends to arise when things are moving too fast for comfort so using this crystal speeds up the entire process.

6. Celestite – Celestite helps you achieve clarity of mind so that you can focus on the positive aspects of life, release bad habits binding you to financial issues, and boost your creativity. It is a great crystal for meditating with but it can also help protect anyone else in need (children, elderly parents etc) from negative energy entering their bodies through their chakras or any other means. Your physical health also benefits when celestite is in your possession.

7. Tourmalinated quartz – This is a stone of transformation and change. Sometimes when we want prosperity badly enough we may find ourselves making rash decisions without properly thinking them through and this type of impulsive behavior can lead to disaster if we lack good instincts to help us make proper choices! Tourmalinated quartz helps you be more perceptive and discerning, so the right choices are made more often than not.

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8. Green aventurine – If you are looking to take your manifestation efforts to the next level this stone will definitely help you out! Green aventurine is one of the most powerful heart chakra stones that can also activate other chakras along its path (especially the solar plexus and sacral ones) which makes it easier for positive energy to spread throughout your entire being. Wearing a piece of green aventurine jewelry will help you attract wealth and abundance into your life in an even shorter period of time.

9. Green jade – Green jade is perfect for manifestation since it helps remove any blockages preventing you from seeing opportunities to bring prosperity into your life. It strengthens your immune system and physical health so that when good fortune knocks on your door you are able to recognize its presence and receive it with open arms instead of pushing it away or ignoring it because you were too sick to do anything else.

10. Carnelian – Carnelians give energy a boost which is great for making things happen much more quickly in life. This crystal also stimulates spontaneity, creativity, passion for life, and problem-solving abilities helping to easily remove any obstacle or difficulty standing in your way. Personal power and courage is other attributes of carnelians so wearing or carrying one will help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals.

11. Opal – Opal has the property of absorbing negative energy cleansing it and then releasing its purified form as positive supportive light-filled vibes so wearing this type of stone is a great idea if you are trying to attract more opportunities into your life which is basically what manifestation is all about.

12. Turquoise – Powerful at purifying the heart chakra, turquoise also provides protection against dark forces that may try to divert you from your goals. It stimulates psychic abilities allowing intuition to guide you through the treacherous waters of manifestation. Wearing one will help calm fear and worry when things do not look like they are going according to plan (and believe me there never seems like enough time for all the planning that needs to take place).

13. Amethyst – This crystal’s properties include: spiritual awareness, meditation, and psychic abilities (all of which manifesting requires to some degree). Wearing an amethyst crystal can help boost self-esteem but it also acts as a protective shield repelling negative vibes others try to at you – this type of protection is essential (especially when you are trying to manifest things in your life) because if there is something blocking the way it will be most difficult for anything positive to get through.

14. Larimar – This stone carries very feminine energy, one of compassion and love with which manifestation is meant to help restore balance into our lives. (Larimar also helps find that balance.) If such qualities sound like what you need then this is definitely an effective crystal for attracting abundance! Larimar can also help treat addictions and heal emotional pain. If you are trying to manifest a romantic relationship it would be a good idea to wear this stone.

15. Citrine – One of the most powerful stones in terms of manifestation, citrine crystals are somewhat rare so finding a piece may take time but it will definitely be worth looking for since this crystal has the ability to not only strengthen the power of the mind in achieving goals but it also has motivating properties. It can help you recognize when you are chasing after something that is not useful and turn your attention to more productive endeavors. This is also the money stone since it encourages prosperity and abundance of all types.

16. Emerald – Emerald has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity in many cultures throughout the ages. It is said to be one of the most effective crystals to use when you want to manifest money, especially in the form of a new business venture or when selling your old car or house for a great price.

17. Tiger’s eye – It is believed that tigers use this stone as a charm to attract prey because it has the ability to magnify anything you focus on. This makes it an effective manifestation crystal for those who want to increase their strength and determination in any goal they are trying to achieve.

18. Moonstone – Moonstone helps us connect with our intuition so if you are an individual who struggles with trusting your inner voice, then this would be the perfect stone to help teach you how. This crystal works very well when combined with rose quartz or selenite for manifesting love into your life. *One note of caution must be made regarding moonstones though – they will only work if the person wearing them really needs them! If someone puts on a moonstone expecting it to help them manifest something but they were not really ready for what it had to offer, then this stone could actually work against them.

19. Sapphire – Sapphire is associated with the third eye chakra and therefore has a connection to psychic abilities. It can help increase your level of intuition, inner peace, and spiritual awareness which would both be extremely helpful during manifestation especially when you are trying to bring something new into your life! Colored sapphires such as blue sapphire and red sapphire have additional properties that make them effective crystals for manifestation. Blue sapphire for example has calming properties while red increases motivation and determination (which is exactly what needs to happen in order to get anything done during manifestation).

20. Titanium rainbow quartz – This crystal’s properties include: it strengthens our mental health, connection to the universe, spiritual enlightenment and enhances the vibrations of other crystals. It can help you understand what you are going through during a spiritual awakening, something that will be necessary when manifesting.

21. Tibetan quartz – This is a great stone for manifestation because it has a very high vibration which helps keep your thoughts positive while attracting good things into your life! Tibetan quartz works well in a crystal grid or even laid out on points around an area where you need help with manifestation. Mental clarity and enhanced creativity are also some of the things that this stone can provide.

22. Golden Topaz – Golden Topaz helps attract prosperity in all forms and is an excellent choice if you’re looking for luck in games such as cards, dice, and horse racing where money is involved. This stone also brings good fortune to athletes and people who work with their hands or do technical jobs. Golden Topaz helps stabilize thoughts about security and comfortability thus helping you become less fearful when it comes to money in general.

Those seeking financial abundance or financial success should wear this stone since it has strong manifestation properties.

23. Lapis lazuli – This stone has long been associated with royalty, nobility, and power! It is said to increase success in business ventures while also being an excellent manifestation crystal for artists who are trying to get their work out into the world. It is also said to help cure eye problems and is great for stimulating the mind.

Pairing Manifestation Crystals with Charkas

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The root chakra is associated with the color red which is represented by the element of fire. This chakra is all about feeling safe, secure, and at home wherever you are. It helps us feel like we can accomplish anything because it affects our physical bodies (hence why it’s associated with blood). The best crystals for manifesting with this chakra are tiger’s eye, garnet, smoky quartz, and bloodstone.

The solar plexus chakra is also associated with fire and has to do with how we react to other people as well as our own self-esteem. It’s connected to our ego, ambition, creativity, power, individuality, willpower, and how we deal with stress. This chakra is represented by the color yellow. The best crystals for manifesting with this chakra are citrine, yellow quartz, sugilite, and golden topaz.

The heart chakra is all about love and relationships! It’s associated with the color green which represents growth and harmony. The fourth chakra helps us to experience unconditional love while also teaching us the importance of self-love. The best crystals for manifesting with this chakra are emerald, malachite, and prehnite.

The throat chakra is all about self-expression and creativity. It deals with communicating your thoughts and feelings to other people and this chakra is associated with the color blue (and the element of air. The best crystals for manifesting with this chakra are blue tourmaline, sapphire, and blue topaz.

The third eye chakra deals with psychic abilities, intuition, and higher thinking. This chakra is connected to our sight as well as our ability to make decisions and is represented by the color indigo. The best crystals for manifesting with this chakra are sodalite, lapis lazuli, and amethyst.

The crown chakra is all about the spiritual practice with enlightenment and spirituality. It’s associated with the color purple (which represents our connection to everything). When we manifest we need to be able to let go of material objects in order to achieve true happiness and this chakra helps us do just that. The best crystals for manifesting with this chakra are amethyst, clear quartz, and purple fluorite.

How to Use Your Manifestation Crystals

The best way to use your crystals in the manifestation process is to actively visualize what you want before it shows up in your physical reality. Imagine yourself with these things and situations as clearly as possible. Your mind is a powerful thing and if you believe something strongly enough it will happen. This is where manifestation crystals come into play.

For best results, always use your crystals for manifestation when you are in a positive state of mind. You can achieve this by meditating, doing yoga, or just taking some quiet time to yourself.

Wear your crystals as jewelry or keep them in your pocket to help you manifest. You can also use crystals for meditation purposes or even spell work. The manifestation process is much more fun when you utilize crystals in your everyday life.

There are many powerful crystals that can help you manifest your desires and these manifestation practices are among some of my favorites. There are also a number of other crystals that I would recommend for people who want to know more about crystal healing such as Purple Iris, Cuprite, Blue Sapphire, Iolite, Eudialyte, Phenacite, and Natrolite.