Selenite Stick: Healing Benefits & How to Use

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The selenite stick is believed to have powerful healing benefits. While it is known for its white color, this crystal’s true benefits are found within the many different selenite crystals. The name derives from the Greek moon goddess Selene, and it represents a lunar cycle. It’s one of the few gems believed to be able to purify other stones, owing to its relation with the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene and suggesting lunar cycles and sacred feminine energy.

Selenite is a translucent, multi-faceted stone that’s made from gypsum crystals that have been crystallized. When sulfate and calcium-rich saltwater evaporates, selenite is created, with a hardness of 2 on the Mohs scale.

Selenium (selenite’s trace element form) has been shown to have a number of health advantages. A trace metal is a chemical element present in very little amounts in living things.

A selenite crystal is said to help with the following:

  • promotes peace and quiet
  • promotes clarity
  • removes obstructed energy
  • raises the mood
  • aids intuition
  • allows you to connect with your intuition
  • is a powerful room cleanser
  • vibrates at a very high frequency
  • increases manifestation abilities

The selenite crystal is also known to be one of the strongest forms of healing. It’s known for its ability to cleanse, purify and energize both the healer and the receiver. The crystal has highly beneficial qualities which make it a popular choice among healers because it can be used in all types of energy work, including meditation. When placed on an afflicted area, the selenite stick can bring about instant relief from pain by sending white light through your system while removing any negative or blocked energies that may be causing you discomfort.

Selenite crystals are often used when starting new ventures or trying out new approaches in life because they’re believed to stimulate mental activity while activating one’s psychic powers.

This gem is linked with the crown chakra, which symbolizes a connection to the spirit world and transformation, as well as the third eye chakra (intuitive insight). It’s ideal for meditation, channeling, or contact with your higher self or spiritual guides.

Selenite sticks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all with varying degrees of thicknesses and widths.

Selenite Stick Benefits

It is believed that the best way to benefit from these powerful properties is through meditation.

Carrying one with you or placing it under your pillow at night will allow you to experience some of its potential healing benefits firsthand. 

Selenite opens the higher chakras helping you to tune into the frequency of your higher self. It helps connect you to angelic realms, spirit guides, and other intuitive guidance systems that are at play in your life.

Selenite is also useful for clearing negative energy from an environment or a person’s energy field. Hold it above your head while visualizing all negativity being lifted away by white light, then either bury the rock outside or place it in running water overnight.

Selenite promotes positivity by activating the crown chakra and opening your psychic senses. This allows you to open up to a higher self and spiritual guidance. Selenite works with the energy of the moon and can be used for lunar rituals such as: creating a symbolic link between yourself and the moon or anointing candles with their energies.

A selenite stick can be used as a sign of protection when placed around the home or office, especially if you’re feeling threatened by a psychic attack or feel that someone has set up camp in your personal space. Simply walk around each room with the stick raised high until you feel that aliveness around you is restored.

A selenite stick can also be used for clearing negative energy from a person’s aura when held over them, or when placed on each chakra point in succession while visualizing your body being bathed in white light.  You may find that in some cases, placing the rock at the base of the spine with the tip against the navel is enough to clear away built-up blocks.  

A selenite stick can help you connect to your higher self by absorbing universal wisdom and knowledge.  By programming the rock with intent, you can use it as a type of portal through which information will flow. If you are unsure of how to set an intention or want some help with divination, simply hold your stick in each hand and feel yourself transmuted into pure light until you feel the exact words coming through you that will best improve your current situation.

Before you can reap the benefits of a selenite stick there are a few steps you must take.

How to Use a Selenite Stick

Cleansing and charging your selenite stick

All crystals soak up negative energy. Cleansing is an important step when working with a selenite stick.

To cleanse your selenite:

  • Use a smudge stick to draw the crystal through the smoke.
  • Place your crystal in a bowl filled with dry salt.
  • Use a singing bowl or bell to create cleansing sound vibrations.
  • Place your crystal under direct sunlight for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Place it in the moonlight overnight to cleanse.

After cleansing, it’s time to recharge your crystal. Charging your selenite stick will make sure that the positive energy stays with it. You can use a crystal charging plate or place your crystal under the sun or moonlight to soak up additional energy.

To activate your selenite:

The final step is activating your selenite.

  1. With your selenite in hand, imagine a white light encircling it.
  2. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly and fully.
  3. Repeat an affirmation about what you wish to bring into reality.
  4. Then, as needed, use your selenite.

There are many ways to use a selenite stick including:

  • Keep it on your work desk to help you stay focused and clear-minded during
  • Program the stick with an intention and place it beside your bed to charge your dreams at night  (if you sleep near a window, leave the selenite outside in the light of the moon)
  • Hold it during relaxation to help you reset after a long day, it will give you the energy boost you need to get through a long workout, or it can be used to increase the power of your meditations
  • After washing and drying your crystal jewelry, use your stick to cleanse and recharge it.
  • Place it on tense areas and gently massage them to help eliminate energy blockages in the body.

Lunar Cycle: Selenite energy is most active during the waxing crescent moon phases (from new moon to half-moon). It works best at night during this time, although using it in the morning before starting your day is also beneficial. This phase of the moon represents new growth since the seeds were planted during last month’s full moon, so it can help give you a boost to start new projects.

Where to Buy A Selenite Stick

When looking for a selenite stick it’s important to buy from a trusted source.  

Selenite is a soft crystal, but it can look similar to glass. Real selenite can be easily scratched, whereas a fake (likely made of glass) cannot. Take your fingernail or a sharp object and see how easily you can scratch it. If it’s soft and easy to scratch, it’s probably real.

Sourcing Selenite

Selenite is best found in Russia, Mexico, Brazil, China, Canada, the Czech Republic, or Madagascar. These areas have deposits of high-quality selenite because they contain large amounts of gypsum. The more gypsum there is in an area the better chance there is of finding high-quality selenite. Most selenite is cut and polished into sticks because it’s suitable for this purpose, but if you’re lucky enough to find a naturally occurring form that isn’t shaped like an stick then the possibilities are endless. The only way to know for sure if your piece of selenite is real or fake is to conduct the scratch test as mentioned above.