Reiki Self Treatment Skin Guide

REIKI (PRONOUNCED ‘RAY-KEY’) is a healing art and spiritual practice founded in Japan by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. By placing hands over the body to share the life-force energy that flows through everything, we use Reiki to heal, reduce stress and increase relaxation.

In Japanese, rei means ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ and ki means ‘the energy of the universe. The combined word can be translated as ‘universal energy’ and also describes the practice of healing with energy. Reiki is more than a complementary therapy for our body, mind, and soul. It can also take us on a journey to inner peace, connects us to all other beings and the universe, and opens a door to our true potential.

Reiki can heal by sharing universal energy to sustain and harmonize the energy field that surrounds every single one of us. Anyone can practice Reiki, although you will need to receive training and attunements from a Reiki Master teacher, who will share universal energy with you as part of the Level-1 training. There are three levels of training to be undertaken in the Reiki system, with five elements – my book (see right) outlines the basics through practical self-care exercises.

The spiritual practice of Reiki is often described as heaven and earth energy coming together in our hearts, unifying our mind, body, and spirit. The more we practice it, the more we embody oneness, compassion, and kindness. Each soul that connects with the process of Reiki is a star that shares its energy and light throughout the universe. When you heal yourself, you help others too.

Reiki For your skin

As the outer layer and largest organ of the body, our skin often reveals how we feel deep inside. By creating a mindful relationship with our skin, we can accept how we look and feel in the present moment. Use this Reiki-infused ritual to share kindness with your face and body.

BENEFITS: Helps you connect to your skin in the present moment; sends love and compassion to your skin.

PREPARATION: In a quiet place, close your eyes and put your hands in ‘gassho?’ (hands together at the middle of your chest, covering your heart, as shown left). Breathe slowly, focus on your middle fingertips touching, until you sense Reiki flowing into your hands. Take deep, slow breaths into your ‘hara’ (your body’s physical core and main energy source, in your lower abdomen).

1 Visualise yourself as the sun rises, sitting near a clear stream. Imagine rubbing wet earth into your skin, let it dry, then gently wash it away. Feel a warm glow inside and around you. Notice and accept any feelings that arise.

2 Bring your hands to your face and share Reiki, still visualizing this freeing, warm space. When ready, bring your hands down to your heart space. Take a slow breath and feel deep gratitude for your skin in the present moment.

3 When you are ready, open your eyes and say three times, ‘I am beautiful and I am enough’. Put your hands in gassho?. End by thanking Reiki.