One Tip That Changes Everything For Your Meditation

When we meditate, we introduce far-reaching and long-lasting benefits into our lives: We decrease our stress levels, we get to understand our pain, we connect deeper, we enhance our focus, and we’re better to ourselves. If you’re new to meditation and discovering it’s challenging to sustain a consistent practice, we wanted to take a minute to point out that it’s perfectly normal for beginners to feel some uneasiness or difficulty when starting out — after all, you’re learning a brand new skill.

Meditation is all about focusing your attention, tapping into your awareness, and observing your experiences without judgment. It is simply is the process of bringing the mind to the present moment. It may sound the simplest thing, but we all know how challenging it seems. This is because it’s a practice that allows you to train your mind. Training, in general, takes time, effort, and some practice.

Moreover, most first-time meditators find it strange and difficult to sit in silence with eyes closed and do nothing. Most often for many, it is even difficult to keep their eyes closed. And that’s completely okay. 

When you meditate, you might use a technique (such as mindful breath awareness or a visualization) to focus your attention and when your mind wanders to other things, such as your to-do list or work, you gently refocus on the meditation technique.

You’re probably already aware of this standard tips to help you meditate, if not, here’s a quick recap:

  • Don’t worry if your mind wanders – refocusing is the training.
  • Make yourself as comfortable as possible – your position, your environment, even your clothing.
  • Start with short meditations and gradually build up your practice.
  • Choose a time of day that actually works for you.
  • Minimize distractions (airplane mode)
  • Don’t take things too seriously

There is great power in our habits. Getting in a routine of meditating at the same time daily, eliminates a number of questions and doubts that otherwise can become hindrances and stop you from practicing. Meditation is your time to relax and to be present with yourself, so choose a time that fits well with your schedule, when disruptions and distractions are unlikely. This way, you will be free to enjoy it.

Tipharot is a popular vlogger who shares videos on lucid dreaming, mental awareness, and mediation tips. In this video, he shares one of his favorite meditation tips for beginners. This simple tip has made all the difference for him, and has allowed him to get much deeper into his meditation. Check it out below!

We possess a source of wisdom, peace, and happiness deep inside us. Meditation isn’t always easy or even peaceful. But it has truly amazing benefits, and you can start today, and continue for the rest of your life. With a little practice, we can begin to access it and all these worries that we had begin to drift away. We are getting to know our true selves, and that is a beautiful thing