9 Easy Minimalist Bedroom Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Personal style and aesthetic preferences aside, we can all agree that minimalism is having a major moment. Designing a minimalist bedroom is easier said than done—particularly when you live in an apartment. I mean, there’s a rebounder chillin’ next to my bed, a mini office set-up in the dining room, and a closet that’s overflowing with items that don’t fit anywhere else. Even though I manage to keep things as tidy as possible, it’s always helpful to do some rearranging, whether you live in a tiny space or a five-bedroom dwelling.

The truth is, though, creating a minimalist bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive, or time-consuming, or look like something out of Dwell magazine. But when you’re encompassed by clutter—even if that’s just masses of clothes or too tightly-packed furniture—you’re left feeling stressed overwhelmed—the opposite of what you want in a space that’s purpose is helping you relax and renew. According to this study at the University of Southern California, cluttered homes are linked to increased stress levels and depressed moods.

When you go into your bedroom, it should invite rest and relaxation. Away from the clutter and chaos of the world, your bedroom becomes a place of solace. Sleep is one of the most essential needs for well being. One of the biggest causes of many health problems including cardiac issues, diabetes, depression, obesity, and many other lifestyle-centric illnesses is the lack of sleep. It’s a requirement to ensure we stay at our prime, from our immune systems to our mental health and day to day function. The less you have in the space to occupy your mind, the more you can concentrate on the value of sleep.

So, what exactly should your minimalist bedroom include? Any minimalist room includes just enough and not much more. A minimal bedroom means you spend less on things that you don’t really need. The money you save can be invested into a higher quality of the product that adds value to your life. A minimalist bedroom should have three main items no matter what: a bed, a bedside table, and a light source. The rest can be based on the circumstance. It should always produce a place of calm, and clutter can tip those scales into chaos quite easily.

Having the right decorating tips up your sleeve can easily turn your bedroom into a relaxing, uncluttered utopia, and these are the expert-approved tips you should know about.

Here are six minimalist bedroom decorating tips, according to the experts


Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, and it should always come first when designing your space. Traditional beds are generally large, heavy (looking and literally), and have a number of aesthetic touches that distract from the minimal goal. People often think they need to have every design item figured out before they commit to any furniture or decor decisions. A traditional platform bed can be a great option as the centerpiece for your design. Focus only on the bed of your dreams, and layer the design off of that.


When you’re putting together a minimalist bedroom, there’s no room for bright, blinding colors. Instead, lean toward a cool palette. Go for lighter colors to make your bedroom feel more spacious. Blues, greens, and neutrals work like magic in creating that calm air. And don’t think that will make a space boring—feel free to play with patterns and textures for a layered and dimensional design. Pastel colors are wonderful for bedrooms. They’re soft, relaxing, serene and can help contribute to a good night’s sleep. Is there a lot of natural light in the room? Natural light can make a space feel larger so keep it in mind when deciding on the colors.


It’s no secret that if your home and bedroom are messy, your thoughts are probably scattered as well. Doing a deep clean of your dirty room can also help tidy up your brain. How much is sitting on your bedside table right now? Probably more than there should be for a stress-free environment.

The main items on your bedside table should be a glass of water, a book or magazine, and your bedside table lighting. Your bedroom is the place where you start and end your day. Whether you are aware of it or not, the physical space in which you live and spend a lot of your time has an important role to play in how we behave. The less you have on the table, the more likely you are to fall back asleep if you do need to wake up for a sip of water or get up to go to the bathroom.


Bedrooms need to feel peaceful and relaxing, so good storage is essential to remove any distracting clutter. If you have a ton of stuff you’re not sure what to do with, it can quickly clutter up your bedroom. Storage is necessary to keep our homes uncluttered. But thoughtfully designed storage also can improve the shape and function of our interior spaces. Assess your storage needs, and furnish accordingly. Be realistic with what needs to stay in your bedroom and make sure you have appropriate furniture for your belongings. From customized closets to humble secondhand finds, ingenious under bed ideas to the humble hook, there’s a world of space-saving, life-enhancing bedroom storage out there.


One thing there’s always room for in a minimalist space? An air purifier and humidifier. Clean air is not only important but essential to us all. Air purifiers and humidifiers are key to a good nights rest. They are especially helpful for people who suffer from asthma or allergies and are also used to get rid of secondhand smoke. There are so many pollutants in our environment, and having an filter can definitely help mitigate the number of dust mites, free radicals, VOCs, and viruses. Using central AC can really dry out our environments, and adding a little extra moisture to the air will make a world’s difference in how you feel when you wake up. It has been proven that those who breathe unpolluted air are less stressed than those who breathe polluted air.


You’re keeping your space as clean and simple as possible, but there’s still room to add some layers on your bed for decoration. Always layer! Your bedding should include a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a blanket, a duvet, and a decorative throw blanket that you can use to curl up on your reading chair. Throw blankets are basically used by the people to keep themselves warm and protect from the cold. Sometimes people want more of a stylish type of throw blanket as it meets their tastes. Adding a few blankets in your bedroom is a great minimalist cozy treat.


Lighting in a minimalist bedroom is almost an accessory all on its own – in a room with the least amount of furniture possible, lighting can make a huge difference. Embracing an abundance of natural light in your bedroom is one of the best ways to bring the beauty of outdoors into one of the most personal rooms in your home. If you have the option, clear away your curtains (unless they’re sheer) and bring in a big swath of natural light to your bedroom. This will help to make the room feel more open, modern, and altogether more minimalist. If that is not an option, softer bulbs can also keep your bedroom light from being unpleasant or glaring. Layer your overhead lighting with table lamps on your nightstands for bedtime reading, or install hanging lights or wall lights with swing arms over the tables to free up space for books.


A well-placed plant in a minimalist bedroom is a fun, simple and earthy touch – this is a great way to add a pop of color to a neutralized room! In the right conditions, air purifying plants for the bedroom can have an effect on the air as they absorb and trap some of these toxins and release oxygen, thus making the air that you breathe cleaner. These natural household helpers reduce carbon dioxide and dust levels and look great while doing it. Just make sure that your plant doesn’t crowd your clean space.

What Clutter Says About You


This should have been #1 but seriously though, it’s time for your junk to go! Have nothing in your bedroom that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. Carefully rummage through your bedroom belongings and put away anything that doesn’t positively make your heart SING. In your process of removing the excess, it can be helpful to find a working definition of clutter to aid you in this step. This goes for photos, random wall hangings, collectible items and anything of the like. Keep in mind that by clearing away your bedroom debris, you’re just making space for the things that truly matter.

The minimalist movement has gone from trend to mainstream. And when it comes to the bedroom, adopting this style can transform your room from a cluttered storage area into a peaceful sanctuary that reflects your style. We live in a busy world, but there’s one place where time should slow down – or, at least, it should feel that way. The bedroom is the place where we relax and rest before the start of each day, which makes a soothing setting key. Creating a minimalist bedroom does not need much. It actually needs less. When you’re designing your bedroom, it’s all about quality over quantity. This approach allows you to splurge on the pieces that count.

Minimal Bedrooms are a synonym of Hidden Beauty. A minimalist design is one way to usher a feeling of simplicity and serenity. It’s very surprising what a lack of stuff can make you feel inside. A bedroom should be a sanctuary that we enjoy coming home to at the end of a long day. By adopting some of these minimalist bedroom ideas, we think you’ll find that you love this space even more!