9 Best Essential Oils that Repel Roaches

Having roaches in your home can be disturbing. Roches can also be extremely annoying, and even hazardous to our health. Knowing the best essential oils that repel roaches can help you get rid of these unwanted house guests without using toxic chemicals that can cause harm to your children and pets. Essential oils are a go-to source to naturally repel roaches, and they’re definitely cheaper than hiring an exterminator.

Finding roaches in your home is never fun, and getting rid of them can be quite the chore. Many commercial roach repellents and insect repellents contain poisonous ingredients that are toxic to our entire households. Fortunately, there are natural, safe ways to rid your home of roaches and keep them from coming back. Using essential oils that repel roaches is an effective alternative to noxious, synthetic formulas (1). Essential oils are safe to use around your family and pets, are free of synthetic fragrances.

Roaches are generally looked upon as being dirty and for good reason. They can rapidly spread germs and bacteria and can trigger allergies and asthma. Roaches are cold-blooded and can live without food for up to a month and water for up to a week. The most common species and the ones that you might see around your home are the German roaches, the American roach, and the brown-banded roach. But there are more than 4,000 species of cockroaches worldwide. Roaches are truly adaptable creatures that make repelling them a bit tricky.

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9 Best Essential Oils that Repel Roaches

1. Cypress Oil

Cypress oil is one of the top essential oils that repel roaches. This powerful essential oil is valued because of its ability to fight infections, aid the respiratory system, and remove toxins from the body. The smell of Cypress oil can repel cockroaches. Cypress essential oil can be used against American roaches and their young. Spraying a well diluted mixture of the right oils can serve as a good way to repel roaches.

2. Peppermint Oil

A previous research study found, peppermint is one of the most effective essential oils that repel roaches. But It only acts as a repellent when used properly. Even, if you do not use it properly, it can also become a poor roach repellent. Spraying a well diluted mixture of peppermint essential oil, with water and soap, can serve as a good way to repel roaches. The solution should contact the head and the abdomen. Soapy water forms a thin film on the skin and impedes breathing, thereby suffocating the roaches to death.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Among the qualities of tea tree oil is it’s ability to be used as an insect repellent and natural insecticide against numerous pests, including roaches, ants, and other biting or stinging insects. Tea Tree oil has even been known to be used to effectively kill lice and other parasites. Experiments on “concentrated” tea tree oil and roaches have shown that it can effectively kill these bugs and other insects. Mix a quarter cup tea tree oil and a quarter cup vinegar with two cups of water. Spray the mixture in and around the infested locations.

4. Clove Oil

Clove oil is another effective essential oils that repel roaches but be careful with clove oil and use it sparingly. Clove oil in its purest form is a strong skin irritant, and should not come in contact directly to your skin. Dilute clove oil with distilled water, using the same 10 to 1 ratio, and pour the solution into a plastic spray bottle. Clove oil is a natural roach repellent – they simply hate the smell of it. Roaches breathe through their skin, so when the spray gets on the roach, it will suffocate them.

5. Citrus Essential Oil

Citrus essential oil is primarily citric acid. This oil is used as the base ingredient in many natural pest control treatments. The citric acid melts the exoskeletons of the roaches, and destroys any eggs they’ve laid. Thus, citrus oil is a very potent essential oil that repels roaches naturally. Mix a few drops of citrus oil into 1 liter of water. Put in a spray bottle and do spraying on all parts of the house and corner of your home and directly on roaches.

6. Neem Essential Oil

Neem essential oil has a special place in Indian homes for its multiple benefits. Considered by the people of India to be sacred, the legendary Neem tree has come to symbolize good health and protection. For thousands of years, parts of the Neem tree have been used for its medicinal and insecticidal properties. Neem contains azadirachtin which kills many insects including roaches. Spray a solution made of equal parts of neem oil and water to get rid of them.

7. Orange Essential Oil

The essential oil of orange has a wide variety of domestic, industrial, and medicinal uses. Orange essential oil is quite strong as it can wipe out entire colonies of insects. Orange oil contains an extract from the peel called d-limonene, which is rated as an insecticide. It can dissolve the exoskeleton of these insects causing them to die of dehydration and lack of air. You can make an orange oil repellent spray by simply diluting it in water.

8. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus oil has a very strong odor so it is good to ward off roaches. Eucalyptus is one of the essential oils that repel roaches not only because of its strong odor, but it’s also an unfamiliar smell, it’s often perceived as being hazardous to roaches. Roaches are killed on contact with eucalyptus oil. Add one-quarter teaspoon eucalyptus oil to a cup of water in a spray bottle, shaking well before each use as the oil will separate from the water. Spray around infected areas and directly onto roaches.

9. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Roaches cause many harmful diseases like typhoid. Lemongrass is loaded with antifungal, insecticidal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can kill bacteria externally making it especially good for repelling roaches. Roaches can’t stand the smell of lemongrass, which means that it’s especially good for keeping them out of your home.

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Essential Oils that Repel Roaches Recipes

Cypress Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil Roach Repellent

Mix half a cup of salt water along with eight drops of cypress oil and ten drops of peppermint oil. Pour this solution into an empty glass spray bottle and spray near the usual areas where you see roaches in your home.

Minty Peppermint Mint Essential Oil Roach Repellent

Add 15 drops of mint essential oil and 10 drops of peppermint to one cup of water and mix it well. Add to glass bottle and spray everywhere you have seen roaches in your home. Keep spraying at least once a week to make sure the roaches do not return.

Clove Essential Oil and Citrus Essential Oil Roach Repellent

mix a few of clove essential oil and citrus essential a liter of water and pour into a glass spray bottle. Spray this generously around your home. The odor will make sure that the roaches leave your home to avoid the strong smell.

Always use caution when using essential oils. Makes sure you use a glass spray bottle. To use the best essential oils that repel roaches, it’s important to choose 100% pure essential oils with no additives or adulterants. If you’ve tried the natural route, but that pesky roach community in your kitchen just keeps getting bigger it may be time to take a more aggressive approach.

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