7 Incredible Reasons To Use Pachai Payaru for Hair Growth

If you feel like your hair isn’t growing fast enough—at least half an inch per month—you can, actually, speed up the process a bit. Pachai Payaru is an amazing superfood that offers healthful benefits even when you consume a small amount. Using Pachai Payaru for hair growth is a great way to boost your hair and your health. To promote hair growth, you need to ‘feed’ the hair from the inside. Though common to experience some hair loss with age, using Pachai Payaru for hair growth can help.

Body and hair cells depend on good nutrients, like the rich protein and vitamin B1 found in Pachai Payaru for hair growth, as well as calcium and phosphorus for strong bones. Pachai Payaru contains, copper, which is a highly essential mineral for a healthful scalp and thick hair. Consumption of Pachai Payaru for hair growth replenishes the body with required amounts of copper.

The healthiest diet for your hair is going to be the healthiest diet in general – one that is comprised of, whole foods, and mostly plant-based, to ensure you’re getting the variety of nutrients your hair needs for optimal hair growth. Pachai Payaru for hair growth contains plenty of hair nourishing nutrients such as protein, B vitamins, zinc, iron magnesium, calcium and more. Folate, one of the B vitamins, is found in large amounts in Pachai Payaru for hair growth. It helps to prevent premature greying and also restores luster and vitality of the hair.

Growing hair is a slow process, but it’s possible to speed it up. The best way to use Pachai Payaru for hair growth is to consume it internally and to use it as a hair mask.

7 Incredible Reasons To Use Pachai Payaru for Hair Growth

1. Removes Toxins

Toxicity is a severe problem and can have long-lasting side-effects like preventing optimal hair growth. You can keep your body free of toxins by the consumption of Pachai Payaru for hair growth. Pachai Payaru maintains the circulatory health of the body as well. It flushes out toxins from the body easily and keeps the formation of free radicals under check.

2. Promotes Overall Growth

Stunted growth in children is a cause of concern for mothers. Pachai Payaru promotes and ensures proper growth in humans this is especially true in the category of hair. It contains a natural blend of all vitamins and minerals necessary to trigger the growth of hormones in the body. Instead of trying artificial growth supplements, one can consume Pachai Payaru for hair growth. It is rich in vitamin C, which improves hair growth by boosting the production of collagen and the acidic nature helps tighten hair follicles, curbing hair fall.

3. Improves Shine

Getting glossy hair doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s be real, no one wants dull hair. Rather, what’s sought after is shine. Using Pachai Payaru for hair growth provides your body with a good amount of copper. This ensures that iron does its work efficiently. Proper supply of oxygen to the brain maintains the health of the scalp, giving you shiny, long, healthy and thick hair.

4. Reduces Shedding

Pachai Payaru for hair growth improves blood circulation in the scalp and ensures that our hair follicles and scalp are well-nourished. Using Pachai Payaru for hair growth can reduce shedding. The antioxidants like vitamin C and compounds like phytonutrients and polyphenols present in Pachai Payaru protect your hair follicles and scalp from the oxidative damage caused by the free radicals. When your hair follicles are well-nourished, they become strong and healthy and are less prone to damage and breakage.

5. Improves Hair Strength

Pachai Payaru for hair growth is rich antioxidants that help to seal in moisture, improve hair strength + scalp health and create softness as well as shine. It helps improve damage from free radicals and improve the overall health of your hair, scalp, and roots. Eating Pachai Payaru for hair growth can improve hair strength and prevent breakage.

6. Protects Hair

Pachai Payaru is packed with nutrients that help boost hair growth, improve scalp health and protect hair by acting as a UV radiation filter.  Pachai Payaru is rich in nutrients that protect keratin, the building blocks of hair.

7. Improves Blood Circulation

There are a lot of factors that contribute to hair health but one of the most over-looked is circulation and stimulation. Improved blood circulation dilates small arteries within your scalp that increase the blood flow to the follicles. Using Pachai Payaru for hair growth can also improve hair texture, making it thicker and stronger over time

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How to Use Pachai Payaru for Hair Growth

You can sprout them and add them to your stir-fries or soak them overnight and make soup. Consuming them is the best way to reap their benefits but you can also create a hair mask.

  1. Grind Pachai Payaru to a fine powder.
  2. Add green tea water to the powder to make a paste with a thick consistency.
  3. Add olive oil and almond oil to the paste and beat well.
  4. Add about 2/3rd tsp of curd to the mixture and mix well.

Apply the Pachai Payaru for Hair Growth mask to damp hair and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse well and style as usual.

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