7 Incredible Lupini Beans Health Benefits

Want to know lupini beans health benefits? Simply put, Lupini beans are the seeds from a plant known as lupinus plant. In their raw or natural state, they are not only distasteful but poisonous. However, the taste of the beans can be savory after it has been soaked for a long time frame.

They can be referred to as lupine or lupin. The lupini bean has its history straight from the Mediterranean of which it is known by its botanical name; Lupinus albus. It also has its roots in South America with its botanical name known as Lupinus mutabilis

Basically, the species successfully produce a bean that is not only flat but has a firm structure. These beans are nutritious and provide a large amount of protein, vitamins and fiber for our health.

Meanwhile, in order to practically avoid the long process of soaking the beans for a period of one or two weeks, it is advisable to search for the canned product in am adequately stocked supermarket. 

All through history, humans have been eating Lupini beans. It dates back in time to the Roman empire where it was considered to be a food for the poor. This was because they were sold at a very affordable price.

The beans are simply bitter because it comprises of an increased alkaloid. This alone makes it bitter and very poisonous to eat if not properly cooked. Like wise, if it is cooked correctly it is highly nutritious.

For those who have no idea on what they look like incase you come across them, they are exactly like the Lima beans. They practically have the same size, oval and flat shaped plus their colors are both yellowish.

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lupin Beans

Taste Of Lupini Beans

As explicitly mentioned above, the flavor of the bean is bitter. So, to rid the beans off its bitterness, the beans is soaked and rinsed severally to eliminate the alkaloids. Subsequently, this also aids in making the inside moist and as for the outer part, it stays crisp.

From the brining process, the beans taste salty with a naturally soft sweetness. When compared to soybeans, the taste of Lupini beans is neutral. Differing from the usual almonds, peanuts, etc, lupin is eaten when it is a little bit moist because they are either brined or pickled.

Lupini Beans Health Benefits

As with so many legumes we have available in the world today, Lupini beans also have their specific benefits that makes this legume stand out. Lupini beans health benefits include:

  • Ideal For Diabetes

Following a research carried out to study the effectiveness of Lupini beans for individuals majorly suffering from diabetes, the researchers took note of the fact that lupin protein rich diet supplements in diabetic patients helped in reducing the levels of blood glucose and so many fats.

The protein extracted from lupin seed also aids in increasing the insulin level that is majorly vital for maintaining an ideal stability of the blood sugar level.

  • Reduced Cholesterol

Following a research, a substance known as conglutin ɣ that can be found in the extracted protein of lupine beans aids in reducing the circulating cholesterol in the study of animals.

Meanwhile, another study was carried out to research on the effects of lupin protein on diverse specifications of the lipid profile.

After this research was carried out, a conclusion came up that overall cholesterol, homocysteine, uric acid and some others have reduced after the intake of lupin protein when compared to those who took in milk protein extracts instead.

  • Reduced Blood Pressure/Hypertension

You should know that hypertension is caused by diverse reasons such as a flaw or an irregularity in the inner lining of an individual’s blood vessel. The extracted lupin protein has revealed that it can adequately correct the vascular endothelium flaw.

This will help in the proper calmness of the blood vessels that will in turn help in the reduction of high blood pressure. Hypertension leads to so many issues such as stroke, paralysis, heart attack, etc.

Currently, we can protect ourselves from complications like these arising if only we regularly eat lupine beans.

  • Secures The Heart

While our hearts have been known to suffer diverse disorders such as heart attack, heart failure and so much more, other issues like diabetes, increased cholesterol levels are actually the major perpetrators of the advancement of heart illnesses.

Lupini beans helps in decreasing high blood sugar, high blood pressure and increased level of cholesterol. Each and everyone of these are the risk factors for heart ailments.

In keeping our heart healthy and protected from ailments, lupine bean offers nutritional supplies with the minerals and vitamins that are needed.

  • Aids In Weight Loss

Lupine bean comprises of an increased fiber content that makes an individual stay satisfied for a long time frame. With this, individuals who eat lupine beans actually eat lesser quantity of food at the end of the day.

As a matter of fact, it has shown results of weight loss among people who consume the legume.

  • Decreases Risk Of Colon Cancer

When putrid matter in an individual’s colon accumulates for a long period of time, it leads to the generation and growth of microbes that are harmful and also toxins. All these increases the risk of a person being diagnosed with colon cancer.

Since lupine beans have an extreme amount of dietary fiber, they practically relieve us from constipation issues and help in eliminating putrid matter from our bowel. This in turn, assists in maintaining a healthy bowel

  • Healthy Intestines

For us to actually be energetic along with good health, we will need to have ideal intestines. Food is needed to enhance the increase of intestinal bacteria that are helpful. However, the Lupini kernel fiber has shown that it helps in the increase of these helpful bacteria such as bifidobacteria.

It also helps to decrease the increase of the more harmful intestinal bacteria.


Lupini Beans are vegan beans that are actually delicious and very good for your health. While you may only be familiar with legumes such as Lima, chickpea, there is a high chance that you do not know the Lupini bean.

Lupini beans health benefits, when placed in comparison with other beans, provides a much more lower carb and higher protein plus some other health benefits that have been addressed above.

While there are a lot of people out there who have not heard of Lupini beans neither do they have an idea of how beneficial it is to our health, this article will help in giving an in-depth analysis of lupini beans health benefits.