7 Amazing Amarphal Fruit Benefits

Raise your hand if you have ever read anywhere, or have had someone tell you, that you need to eat five servings of fruits or vegetables everyday. Yes, I have my hand raised high, and while I do, an image of a food pyramid pops out to me. The fruits and vegetables portion is larger than the sweets and desserts portion, which makes my heart shed silent tears. Well wait until you discover Amarphal fruit benefits!

But hey, what if I told you there was this fruit, available at a supermarket near you? One that tasted so mouthwateringly sweet and delicious that it seemed too good to be true? That it tasted like candy, except somehow better, and sweeter? There’s no need to enter fantasy land because such a fruit, ladies and gentlemen, is in fact real, and can be held in your hands the next time you visit your local supermarket! It’s called:

The Amarphal fruit benefits, also widely known as Persimmon. This fruit is mouthwatering, exotic, and extremely healthy, and most importantly, so delicious and sweet you’ll ever forget you wanted a milkshake! Yes, healthy and delicious! Win-win situation: Ding, ding, ding! Today, I would like to marvel over this beautiful fruit. Never heard of the amarphal before? No worries, we’ll tell you exactly where it came from, and how it came to be! This delicious fruit has its origins in China, where the people had been growing it for centuries. The Japanese also had cultivated as well for nearly 1,300 years before we Americans were finally introduced to this heavenly fruit in 1870 (Takua).

The best part of this fruit is not only is it sweet as candy, but eating this majestic fruit can yield a number of health benefits, almost too many to count! Can you say “amazing?” That’s right, folks. Today’s article focuses specifically on the top 7 major Health Benefits this delish fruit has to offer. What are you waiting for then? Grab a spoon, and let’s dig right in!

I have first hand experience tasting this fruit. It all started on a seemingly normal day when I was in eighth grade. I had come back from school, and was stopped by my mother who had this orange-colored fruit in her hand. “Is that an orange-colored tomato?” I asked her. I had never seen such a fruit before in my life. And that, folks, is how I discovered the food of the Gods: Amarphal. Admit it, even the name sounds heavenly, right? Yup. She informed me that it was not an orange-colored tomato, but rather a “persimmon.” I was immediately intrigued, and she handed me a slice of this orange-colored tomato. It felt hard in my hands, and with a hesitant hand, I lifted it to my mouth. And the rest, as they say, is history. I fell in love at first bite.

But that’s a story for another time. The best part, readers, is that this fruit has amazing health benefits, that you’ll be pinching yourself, and asking, “Is this really true? Could something so delicious be so healthy?” Well, that’s no longer a dream, because the amarphal is going to rock your world. Without further ado, let’s get right into the top 7 health benefits the amarphal can offer you!

Amarphal Fruit Benefits

1. Destroys cancer cells

Yes, you read that right. This fruit helps in killing breast cancer cells, without killing any normal cells, according to a 2012 study. Now, just how does the fruit do this? Scientists say this is due to “flavonoid fisetin” (try saying that five times fast), which is found in large quantities in the persimmon fruit. Fistein is considered as one of the leading eradicators of colon and prostate cancer cells (Mercola).

2. Protects your liver

This fruit is filled with antioxidants. These help keep dangerous oxygen-derived free radicals from forming within our bodies. Persimmons are strong enough to control the effect of these radicals. These orange-colored fruits help greatly reduce cell destruction; therefore, detoxifying your body, and aiding in maintaining a healthy liver (Jessimy).

3. Fights fatigue

The sugar that lends persimmon it’s very sweet taste is actually a natural energizer, and aids in helping us all feel more energized. Children usually engage in a lot of physical exertion and sports; therefore, this fruit is an excellent choice for them as it can provide them with much more long-lasting energy. The high sugar content, combined with high potassium, helps fight fatigue and exhaustion in our bodies, leaving us feel more refreshed and full of energy (“Health Benefits”).

4. Alleviates water retention

These fruits are loaded with potassium and calcium, which work great in alleviating water retention. I would recommend consuming 1 persimmon a day every day as this helps alleviate, and eliminate, water retention problems effectively. It is much more effective to consume persimmons than to rely on diuretic drugs because the latter causes our bodies to lose a significant amount of potassium, a vitamin we need for a healthy body (“Health Benefits”).

5. Increases Blood Circulation

The lovely little fruits have an enormous quantity of copper beneath their orange hued skins. Why is this important? Well, copper is vital in the production of blood cells, so consuming persimmons regularly helps increase both our body’s blood cell production, and its circulation (“Health Benefits”).

6. Protects against aging

Vitamin C acts as an effective antioxidant for skin health. It does not accumulate in our body; therefore, we regularly need to consume this vitamin via our food. Persimmons are loaded with other vitamins, such as Vitamins A and K, which help maintain skin health, reduce wrinkles, and prevent aging. Antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein, are found abundantly in persimmons. When free radicals accumulate and spread in the body, they help increase ageing, and deteriorate the elasticity and firmness of our skin. Therefore, persimmons, being antioxidant-rich fruits, help defend our bodies from diseases and infections (“Health Benefits”).

7. Fiber-rich: Helps you maintain a healthy weight & good digestive health

Fiber is found abundantly in the pulp of the persimmon. In fact, a single persimmon fruit contains 6 grams of dietary fiber. Not sure that’s enough? This is already 25% of the daily required amount of fiber for adults. Studies consistently prove how a fiber rich diet assists not only our digestive health, but helps us maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight, as we all know, not only ensures that you look and feel your best, but it also significantly lowers the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, which are on the rise in our country now. Fiber also helps your stomach feel satisfied for much longer, so this tangy fruit is perfect in helping you reduce any notorious snacking habits you may have. Midnight snacking, anyone? (Farmers’)

Phew! Who knew that one simple, orange-colored fruit the size of a tomato could destroy cancer cells, act as a natural body energizer, protect your skin from aging, prevent wrinkles,and help you maintain a healthy weight? Can you tell I’m out of breath? Yes? Well, folks, keep in mind that these are some amazing health benefits you gain simply by adding this miraculous amarphal fruit to your diet. Have I convinced you enough to search for this precious orange-colored fruit the next time you visit your local Farmer’s Market? (HURRAY!) It’s amazing how this one small fruit can offer so many varied and diverse health benefits, and all without having to forsake sweetness or taste! Win-Win! So, next Sunday, when you head to your local farmer’s market, be sure to ask Steve for some amarphals! And once you’ve tasted them, be sure to send me your thoughts on what you them! I can’t wait for you all to try this fruit that’s hailed as “Food of the Gods.” Wait, back up, Food of the Gods? Yup. The flesh of this fruit is so diving and sweet that it’s officially known as the Food of the Gods. Now, you have to try it, am I right? I can tell. 😉 So, what are you waiting for? Grab that basket, and head to your local supermarket, or the local farmer’s market, and request for a sampling of the Food of the Gods, and let me know how it goes! Happy tasting, folks!


Prathima lives in Northern California, where she frequently visits her local farmer’s market. She is always on the search for delicious fruits, especially some tasty amarphal. In her spare time, she reads novels, researches the health benefits of different foods and shares this knowledge with others. You can find her in a library, or at home, watching the latest horror movie.

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