6 Impressive Weighted Hula Hoop Benefits

Have you ever found yourself dreading your work out? Are there several things you’d rather be doing than exercise? Well maybe it’s time to get a little more play in your day. Weighted hula hoops benefits are a great way to get you up and excited to work out! Not to mention how many amazing benefits there are for your waistline and your spine! Let me tell you just how much good a weighted hula hoop can do!

Let’s be honest, whether you’re new to working out or have been in the game for a while, we all want to keep our workouts from getting boring. Even for the most dedicated exercise enthusiast, it can get too repetitive to only do sit ups or crunches to get those killer abs. When working out gets boring and repetitive, that’s when it’s easiest to lose sight of your goals, and quit.

But there is a fun and surprising solution, a weighted hula hoop!

Weighted Hula Hoop Benefits!

1: It Adds Variety To Your Workout

By switching it up, it is so much easier to keep yourself motivated to keep active. Adding some variation can also can help you overcome a plateau in your fitness journey. When we do repetitive exercises, our bodies can get used to it, no longer burning as many calories from those exercises. But when you try something new, like with weighted hula hoops benefits it shocks your body, making it burn more calories as you use all of your energy to learn how to exercise in a new way.

2: It Adds Some Fun To Your Workout

When was the last time you hula hooped? Unless it’s one of your cool party tricks the last time you hula hooped was probably when you were in elementary school. I bet you can’t remember hula hooping without smiling. Even now, if you hula a hoop, it’s guaranteed to make you giggle, at least a little. Bernie Caplan, owner of Spunk Fitness is a Firm believer that enjoying your workouts is extremely important if you want to stay consistent with your exercise. If weighted hula hoops benefits brings you joy, then you’ll be excited to do it and you’ll get closer to your fitness goals because it is fun and easy to commit to.

3: It Does The Work For You To Tone Your Waistline

It is no surprise that many celebrities such as Beyonce, P!nk, and even Michelle Obama have started hooping when they want a fun and effective way to lose some flab and flash some abs. By spinning a hula hoop, you expand and contract your oblique muscles, your outermost abdominal muscles. These muscles can be particularly difficult to train effectively, as many oblique exercises make it easy for other muscles to compensate for any weakness in the oblique muscles, making it hard for them to get stronger. However, weighted hula hooping are specifically target the oblique muscles because they are the ab muscles that engage first when you rotate your hips. And because hula hooping is so fun, you won’t even notice how much you’re working your obliques until after!

4: It Creates Strength And Flexibility For A Healthy Back

Not only is weighted hula hooping amazing for your obliques, but it strengthens and lengthens your lower back muscles. Along with protecting your spine, you will also improve your posture and balance. This is particularly important if you work an office job where you spend most of your day sitting, as an inactive back is more susceptible to injury. Having a strong core can also help those already dealing with back pain as hula hooping strengthens the muscles that support your spine, whereas the weakness of those muscles may have been causing that pain. All in all, weighted hula hooping is a great way to strengthen your core and protect your back from injury.

5: Weighted Hoops Make It An Easy Activity To Learn

Even if you’ve never tried hula hooping, or maybe haven’t been successful, you can still get a good burn on your first try. Weighted hula hooping is a now skills required activity, even easier than running on a treadmill. Don’t believe me? Weighted hula hoops create more momentum and spin at a slower rate, making it easier to use than lighter hoops. This combined with the larger diameter size of the hoops make it easier accessible to everyone, because you have much more control than with a normal hoop.

6: You Can Use The Hoops Anywhere

Hoopnotica founder, Gabbi Rose, “had a vision,” she wanted to created a weighted hoop that you could break down and take anywhere. By making high quality weighted hula hoops, she makes it possible to hula hoop whenever and wherever you want. Because you don’t have to depend on a class or a gym to have hoops for you, it’s super easy to incorporate into your every day and even when you travel!

Ready to give it a go? Here’s a little how to:

Step inside your weighted hula hoop and pick it up, holding it at waist level. Put your hands on either side of the hoop, parallel to your waist. Then swing your hula hoop to one side and on its second rotation, start to rotate your hips in the same direction. Find your rhythm and keep up with the momentum of the hoop and voila! You’re a regular hooper!

It’s generally advised to start hooping for ten minutes a day and then slowly increasing to fifteen, then twenty as you get stronger!

You can also use your hoop in other ways such as a weight for weighted sit ups, or even to improve your flexibility.

By now we’re sure that you’re ready to give weighted hula hooping a go, if you weren’t already intrigued by the inherently fun nature of hula hooping, it’s sure nice to know that such a fun exercise has a heap load of benefits. So when you find yourself needing a little more fun, add some play to your day!