3 Best Pros and Cons to Dermarolling Lips

Pros and Cons to Dermarolling Lips

Before trying this at home, you should definitely weigh out the pros and cons to dermarolling lips. Dermarolling is a minimally invasive corrective procedure that helps renew the skin and diminish the appearance of blemishes and other flaws. This procedure can be used to address an impressive collection of skin ailments, from acne marks to wrinkles. Dermarolling can improve the appearance of acne scars, increase collagen production, and provide your skin with an amazing glow.

Now rolling needles across your lips doesn’t really sound appealing, let alone useful in any way. Still, after a beauty blogger took to Instagram to encourage dermarolling lips as an easy, at-home option for lip fillers it’s been the talk of the town. But can dermarollers really be applied to the lips? Here are 3 of the best pros and cons to dermarolling lips.

There are plenty of advantages to derma rolling that can be exercised when you use it correctly. Imagine derma rolling as you would imagine weight exercise – you create little breaks in your muscles and when that muscle is rebuilt and it is made stronger than before. When your face skin is punctured with the needles the new skin created is better than the one there before. The needles also break down the scar tissues without removing the epidermis.


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Pros and Cons to Dermarolling Lips


  • Thanks to an infinite supply of how-to blogs and vlogs at our reach, it’s easy to discover how to do virtually any beauty service from the comfort of our own homes — though this doesn’t always indicate we should. Dermarolling lips is an inexpensive at-home version of a pricey procedure, but, you don’t have to conduct an in-depth examination to know the DIY version will never be as efficient as professional treatment.
  • Collagen is an essential protein, which the body requires to keep the skin looking youthful and fresh. Creases, drooping skin that has lost its resiliency, and rigid joints are all clues that the body is creating less collagen. Dermarolling lips have been confirmed to yield the same collagen-boosting, skin-plumping perks for your lips as it would your face.
  • With time, vertical lines can start to appear around the lip area, adding ages to your youthful image. Lip wrinkles, also known as lip lines or smoker’s lines, vertical marks that form on the lips of aged adults. These wrinkles are particularly challenging to conceal. Dermarolling lips would be more useful on the skin above and below the upper and lower lip for smoker’s lines.


  • The lips are very sensitive to exterior conditions. Dermatologists do not recommend dermarolling the lips as it can cause significant swelling and bleeding temporarily if used on the lips. Lip inflammation is a condition caused by overstimulating the sensitive skin on your lips..
  • Because of the potential of bleeding there is a huge risk of infection, and even more scary, it can bring on cold sores. Lip infections are irritating and hideous, and usually, manifest themselves as sores that form throughout the mouth.Sometimes your lips and mouth can feel like they’re burning. When the lips are infected they can become painful, develop bumps and the corners of the mouth can be cracked and red.
  • Since derma rollers are manufactured with hundreds of little medicinal grade metal pins, you can experience extreme pain while dermarolling lips. Dermarolling the lips is an exceedingly painful process, and the results look distorted and unnatural and can take a few days to heal. Any scar tissue that forms during the long healing process can inflict lasting damage.

While derma rolling includes a lot of hope for other areas of the skin, the procedure should not be done on the lips themselves, although it’s okay for the skin around the mouth. Certainly, there is a possibility to receive the same collagen-boosting, skin-plumping perks for your lips as it would your face, but it’s safer to leave this one to the professionals.