10 Best Affirmations for 2020

Affirmations are statements that affect the conscious and subconscious mind.
They are a powerful tool to help move towards an evolution of self. Start the New Year with a new, clear and confident mind through positive affirmations.

Affirmations carry the power to disrupt negative thoughts when spoken regularly. They can help you in all aspects of your life, and give you the strength to stay positive when those resolutions start to get rough.

Repeat affirmations throughout your day, and follow up with action. You can’t recite affirmations and then sit around waiting for it to magically happen. The energy and motivation you receive from affirming that which you believe to be true should move you into action.

As we move into a New Year, here are 10 affirmations that will lead you into a fabulous New Year:

  1. 2020 is the year I am transforming my life!
  2. Absolutely nothing can stop me from reaching my goals this coming year!
  3. All my thoughts for the coming new year are positive and inspiring.
  4. All of my actions are aimed at obtaining success beyond any perceived limitations.
  5. I am in charge of my life. No one has power over my decision-making. I am not powerless to act. 
  6. My magnetic energy draws fabulous people into my world.
  7. I receive knowledge that allows me to create money in abundance. My actions create financial abundance.
  8. I speak my truth with loving-kindness.
  9. Every day of 2020, I clearly visualize the wealth and abundance I desire in my life.
  10. Every day of 2020, I spend time improving my life and my world.