19 Incredible Health Benefits of Saluyot Leaves

The health benefits Saluyot leaves are used as a food source in many parts of the world. It is a popular vegetable in West Africa and is not just rich in nutrition but also has a lot of health benefits, including protecting us from various diseases. Saluyot leaves are used as a food source in these regions; in fact, they are said to add a distinct flavor to food and also act as thickeners in soups, stews, and sauces.

Saluyot leaves are common in Tagalong. Saluyot benefits include clearing skin issues, preventing the signs of aging, fighting colds and cancer, reducing menstrual pain, and even weight loss. Saluyot leaves are high in folic acid, which is necessary for the prevention of neural-tube defects. Understanding Saluyot benefits and side effects is important before trying any new natural herb or remedy,

Saluyot leaves were said to be eaten by Cleopatra, because of its health and beauty benefits, and since then its good name has spread abroad. Over the centuries, the leafy vegetable has been scientifically proven to be efficient in the improvements of certain health issues. Salut is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It also contains iron, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, proteins, fibers, Vitamins A, C and E, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. These are nutrients that help the body to fight diseases and maintain good health.

Research has shown that the Saluyot leaf has different varieties that possess vitamins and antioxidants that are of immeasurable nutritional and therapeutic value to our body system. These vitamins are crucial in protecting the body from degenerative diseases such as cancer.

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Health Benefits of Saluyot Leaves

1. Prevents aging

Saluyot benefits on skin are very good to keep skin stay young because it contains vitamins that are very important as an antioxidant. Essential fatty acids in Saluyot can keep skin moist. Because it will prevent the loss of water through the skin, thus reducing the wrinkles that are the main cause of aging.

2. Fights off Colds and Flu

Saluyot plant consists of Vitamin C which is extremely beneficial for the immune system and plays an important role in the body’s ability to fight off colds and viruses. You can take 1000 mg of Vitamin C to fight off an oncoming cold and 4000 mg per day to get rid of a cold which is previously in your system.

3. Source of Antioxidants

The health benefits of Saluyot leaves are their source of antioxidant that brings benefit to the body’s health. It contains six phenolic antioxidative compounds based on the Journal of  Agricultural  Food Chemistry. As a result, antioxidant foods such as Saluyot leaves can help to create strong protection in the body. It has the ability to prevent infection and certain health problems. Moreover, you can eat other antioxidant sources in fruits and vegetables together with the consumption of Saluyot leaves. Then, you can get the best health benefit of antioxidants for sure.

4. Wards off cancer

Vitamins A, C, and E contained in Saluyot is the key to ward off tissue damage that can cause cancer. Inside, there are also antioxidants and lignin that can provide protection against the development of cancer cells, inhibit the incidence of tumors, and increase the life span for breast cancer patients.

5. Source of Fiber

Most of vegetables and fruits have the good amount of fiber. In the same way, saluyot leaves also provide the good source of it. As the consequence, fiber can help to improve digestion. This essential nutrient can promote the gut health and prevent the problems including stomachache, diarrhea, ulcers, and constipation. Not only for that, it also takes part to promote heart health.

6. Strengthens Bones and Teeth

The health benefits of saluyot leaves are very good calcium for healthy teeth and bones. In addition, there is also useful phosphorus to maintain bone density. Avoiding the danger of osteoporosis.

7. Treats Inflammation

One of the best health benefits of saluyot leaves is to treat inflammation in the body. At this point, consuming antioxidant foods can help to create protection against damage of inflammation. It is also linked to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties in saluyot leaves. Not only for that, it is also based on a study in 2015 of Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology shown that Corchorus olitorius has the source of phytomedicine to be the treatment of inflammation. Therefore, you can consume saluyot leaves regularly to get the best health benefits of it and prevent inflammation including a headache and arthritis as well.

8. Reduce the pain

Vitamin E in Saluyot can work to reduce pain, such as injuries, body aches, and other aches. It can also increase stamina. It is very beneficial because those pains will create bigger problems and disturb our daily activities.

9. Treats Liver Disease

A health benefit of Saluyot leaves is the ability to treat liver disease. It is based on a study of the Department of Molecular Medicine, the University of Malaya in Malaysia shown that an ethanol extract of Saluyot to rats subjected can treat liver damage due to the presence of thioacetamide. It also was shown to have the prevention of liver lesions, cell necrosis, and inflammation. Moreover, further study has shown that Saluyot extract has protection against liver damage due to its detoxification enzymes and antioxidant properties.

10. Stabilizes Blood Pressure

Omega 3 content in Saluyot has usefulness in blood pressure when consumed. Disorders of the body such as dizziness can sometimes be caused by too high blood pressure or too low blood pressure. Omega 3 content will help blood pressure to be stable. That way, hypertension can be prevented and avoided.

11. Reduces Cholesterol

Several research studies have shown that copper help to reduce the levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and helps to increase beneficial cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). Saluyot plant consists of 0.222 mg of copper which is 24.67% of the daily recommended value. This helps to lower the chances of cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.

12. Prevent Skin Cancer

Saluyot benefits on skin are antioxidant compounds that work to prevent the adverse effects of free radicals, especially on the skin. A body that lacks antioxidant levels can be a major health problem. Among them are skin cancer caused by an uncontrolled oxidation process from free radicals. According to the National Institute of Health, Saluyot can be used to protect themselves and improve the skin from damage caused by ultra-violet rays.

13. Preventing Acne

Saluyot benefits on skin have many other benefits, namely to prevent acne. Acne is usually caused by bacterial build-up, dirt, and can also be due to oily skin. It will make the sebum substances in the body produce a maximum. Substances sebum is produced that serves to prevent the occurrence of acne and clogged pores. Even some studies say sunburned skin can heal faster by consuming Saluyot.

14. Prevents Prostate Issues

The health benefits of Saluyot leaves are essential fatty acids that are useful in reducing prostate problems and helping to prevent men from the dangers of infertility. Fatty acids in Saluyot are also able to prevent the danger of gallstone disease and diseases related to the intestines. It can help the body remove harmful toxins that can attack the colon. In addition, its fatty acid content is also rich in fiber that can overcome constipation.

15. Reduced Menstrual Issues

PMS is a symptom of a disturbance experienced by a woman that results in an emotional change. Saluyot has been proven as a powerful drug in overcoming the problems that occur from STD disorders and keep the menstrual cycle regularly. In fact, women who have experienced menopause is also recommended consuming Saluyot. Because this plant can increase estrogen substances in the body that will reduce hot flashes and other vaginal disorders.

16. Improves Hair Health

The health benefits of Saluyot leaves includes hair health because the omega 3 in it can prevent hair from hair loss and baldness, and make hair stay healthy and strong. In addition, Saluyot also can overcome dandruff that causes disorders of uncomfortable feel and itching. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of Saluyot is useful to reduce dandruff and also produce sebum to prevent scalp exfoliation.

17. Improves Brain Function

Omega 3 contained in Saluyot was also efficacious to maintain brain health, help nerve impulse, and treat nerve tingling. So eating it is strongly recommended for growing children to improve their brainpower.

18. Helps Lose Weight

Fiber and fat in Saluyot can make full all day. This is very useful for people who want to lose weight. In addition, there are also various other contents such as vitamin B, magnesium, and zinc that have a role in maintaining weight. So, Saluyot is perfect for a diet program.

19. Cure Asthma

People who are suffering from chronic asthma may be able to normalize their breathing with the help of magnesium supplements which aid in relaxing the bronchial muscles and regulating breathing. Saluyot plant consists of a sufficient amount of magnesium that is required for the body. Therefore frequent consumption is recommended to normalize the asthma problems. Even wheezing and breathlessness can be relieved through the administration of intravenous magnesium.

So, we hope that all these health benefits of of Saluyot will make you to reevaluate your diet. Tell us about your experiences with Saluyot leaves here. Leave a comment below!