15 Great Molokhia Leaves Health Benefits

Molokhia leaf health benefits

Molokhia leaves health benefits includes promoting eye health, detoxifying the body, promoting wellbeing of the skin, helps with blood clotting, powerful anti-oxidant support, helps with reducing cholesterol and help managing diabetes. Other benefits includes supporting bone health, promoting weight loss, help prevent stomach ulcers, help treat anemia, can help prevent cancer and helps promote healthy pregnancy.

Molokhia is only one name of dozens of this leafy plant of the Corchorus species, which is commonly utilized in Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is also known as mulukhiyah, molohiya, mloukhiya, and a number of other translations, depending on where in the world you happen to be using this beneficial vegetable! The historical usage and the bitter taste may be the reason that molokhia isn’t too common around the world, but the taste and consistency are not much different than okra or various other cruciferous vegetable leaves.

The story of Molokhia (Arabian Food)

Molokhia Leaves Health Benefits

1. Helps Control Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is complex and has many factors at play. Among those are electrolyte and fluid imbalances, which is what molokhia leaves health benefits help to optimize. Thanks to its potassium content, Molokhia helps to flush excess sodium from blood via the urine, and also promotes vasodilation of blood vessels. Sodium causes constriction of blood vessels, but ensuring you get more potassium in your diet helps to offset the effect of water retention of blood pressure.

2. Can Help Prevent Constipation

It is both surprising and staggering to learn that as much as 75% of the world do not meet their daily recommended intake of fiber, even though it has numerous important functions on health. Molokhia falls into the class of cruciferous vegetables, which have generous amounts of dietary fiber, which can help to prevent constipation if you are so inclined. Fiber helps t bulk stool, ensures it is adequately hydrated and facilitates uninterrupted transit through the digestive tract. These benefits help remedy constipation and reduce its frequency in the first place.

3. Help Reduce Migraines

Molokhia leaves health benefits come from it’s magnesium. Migraines are complex as they can have numerous causes, but one thing that seems to have a positive effect on them in magnesium. Magnesium is a common mineral, but yet many people do not consume enough on a daily basis. Studies have shown that migraines have a strong association to magnesium intake, with lower levels correlating to increased occurrence of migraines.

4. Molokhia Can Help with Sleeplessness

When it comes to getting sufficient sleep, most of the times our bad habits prevent us from getting enough. These could include having too many electronic distraction with you in the bed, or consumption of strong stimulant based products. When it boils down to it, the root cause is elevation of specific hormones and neurotransmitter that cause you sleeplessness.  Luckily, magnesium to the rescue again. Molokhia leaves health benefits come from it’s magnesium. Magnesium helps promote the synthesis of melatonin and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that play important roles in sleep regulation.

5. Excellent For Eye Health

When it comes to the good health of our eyes, the most discussed and indeed, one of the most important vitamins is the family of related Vitamin A compounds. These play an important role in preservation of eye health, including preventing premature age related macular degeneration, cataract development and deterioration of vision. Molokhia leaves consumed in addition to other carotenoids rich foods which have zeaxanthin in them offer strong protection for your eyes.

6. Increases Circulation

In addition to lowered blood pressure, Molokhia leaves health benefits come from it’s magnesium. contains significant levels of iron, which are key components in the production of red blood cells. High iron levels mean a reduced chance of developing anemia, while also ensuring that circulation in the body is at optimal levels, which can boost energy levels.

7. Molokhia Is Good For Your Bones

Vegans who are looking for ways to meet their calcium requirements will be pleased to discover that molokhia leaves is an excellent source of calcium, helping promote bone health and ward off osteoporosis.

8. Molokhia Can Help Treat Anemia

Many people develop anemia simply because they fail to consume enough iron in their diets. However, there are people who fail to absorb the iron in an efficient manner, due to Vitamin C deficiency or other factors. Molokhia leaves health benefits are loaded with Vitamin C which helps improve iron absorption, plus contains modest amounts of iron as well. These co-factors are also intimately involved in production of new red blood cells, helping offset low blood count as well.

9. Helps With Weight Loss

Hunger is the number one factor that results in failure of a weight loss diet plan, simply because our primal urges to eat for survival override our “need” to be thin. Molokhia leaves are an extremely filling, low calorie food which consumed on a calorie restricted diet can go a long way. For one, it allows for a greater amount to be eaten without a heavy calorie burden, plus the presence of fiber helps increase satiety of the meal.

10. Can Help Maintain Heart Health

There are many factors that can adversely affect the health of the heart, but electrolytes have the potential to improve or worsen heart function. Case in point is potassium; which at normal consumption levels is extremely beneficial for nerve conduction and fluid balance of the heart, but can do bad things in overdose. Regardless, it remains extremely important, but yet many people do not hit their ideal intake recommendations. Molokhia can help you meet your goals if you are running out of options or just bored of the current offerings.

11. Good For Your Skin

Molokhia leaves health benefits contain Vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant vitamin that helps protect from oxidative sun damage, but also reflects some degree of UV rays from damaging the skin in the first place. Vitamin E and C consumed regularly will help retain the youthful vigor of your skin for years to come.

12. Promotes Immune Function

The combination of vitamin A, E, and C makes molokhia a wonderful food to eat if you want to increase the strength of your immune system. Vitamin C stimulates the function of white blood cells, while vitamin A and E are two other antioxidant vitamins that protect everything from the skin and eyes to the organ systems, thereby preventing the development macular degeneration and other chronic diseases caused by the activity of free radicals.

13. Can Help Prevent Cancer

Molokhia leaves works via various mechanisms in cancer prevention, including promoting removal of waste from the body, and minimizing exposure of healthy cells to waste in the intestines. Molokhia leaves is also loaded with anti-oxidants, which buffer free radical damage that can precipitate cancerous changes in cells.

14. Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Molokhia, in similar manner to many other cruciferous vegetables, have a way of promoting bile excretion. Bile is an enzyme that is involved in breakdown of fat, and is synthesized from cholesterol but is also recycles after use into cholesterol. By promoting its excretion, the cholesterol is not recycled, and the result is more cholesterol being needed to make new bile acids. In the long run, it reduces levels of blood cholesterol.

15. Growth and Development

When it comes to the formation of new cells, muscles, ligaments, skin, and organ systems, almost all minerals and vitamins are required in some form or another. Magnesium is particularly important for the formation of new organic material, so the very high level of magnesium in molokhia makes it a favorite for parents wanting to ensure proper growth and development of their children, although it also works to protect adults and speed up the healing process.

Molokhia leaves health benefits are plentiful maybe it’s time to visit your farmer’s market and ask around. It has a taste distinctly related to the okra, making it not difficult to consume relatively often. Try it, you may end dup loving it!