Why is My Hair So Staticy? We Have 11 Answers.

Winter begins and suddenly hair turns into some sort of science project. As humidity goes below 60%, static takes its place. The elements, lack of moisture in the air, and heated indoor environments all play a part in in hair, especially staticy hair. Frizz and fly-aways happen to the best of us. No matter how often we moisturize our hair during the winter, escaping static electricity seems impossible. Static in your hair is incredibly annoying. Getting rid of static electricity can be just as annoying.

Why is My Hair So Staticy and How Can I Fix It?

1: The Main Cause

When two objects rub against each other, one of them loses its electrons and becomes positively charged, while the other gains electrons and becomes negatively charged. That’s static electricity. Your hair is loaded with electrons, making it the perfect conductor of static electricity.

2: Another Cause

Staticy hair happens when the air gets dry and your hair loses electrons and builds up that positive charge, which in turn makes each individual strand repel the others. Each little strand is trying to put as much distance between itself and its fellow hairs as possible. (Imagine two negative magnets repelling each other.)

3: Nature Causes

Winter elements like, lack of moisture in the air, and heated indoor environments all play a part in staticy hair, since winter air often has low or no humidity, static electricity is often worse during the season (water is a great conductor of energy, so the higher the humidity, the less static is an issue)

4: Self Made Causes

Your comb also causes staticy hair. Brushing or combing dry hair out with a plastic comb or brush only creates more static. Use a brush or comb made from bone or wood instead. It won’t increase the charge and static problem.

5: Solution: Change Your Dryer

Change your hair dryer. Just like silicone-based conditioners, ionic blow dryers also eliminate static by neutralizing the electric charge. These negative ions cling on to their positively charged counterparts, giving a neutralizing effect. This helps reduces friction and makes hair less staticy.

The science of static electricity - Anuradha Bhagwat

6: Solution: Grab Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are made to zap static. The same static builds up in blankets, hats, and clothes—and can your hair on contact. It might sound crazy, but they work just as well on hair as they do on clothes. If you ever need a quick fix for escaping some static, just run a dryer sheet along your hair and you’ll be as good as new.

7: Solution: Hair Spray

Spray out the static. Carry a travel size hairspray or some sort of leave-in serum and use just a couple of sprays/drops to get rid of the static. Hairspray helps reduce static charge and can keep your hair from floating in the sky. Spray a little on your brushes too before you use them.

8: Solution: Lotion

If you carry a hand lotion with you, this can be used to tame fly-aways in a pinch. The moisturizing ingredients in your hand cream are ideal for weighing down wayward hairs when you’re out and about. Apply it to your hands as you normally would then, before it has completely absorbed, lightly run your hands over any frizzy areas to give them a shot of moisture and to smooth them down.

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9: Solution: Change your shoes.

One of the best ways to remove static from your hair is to make a change on your feet. Rubber-soled shoes are comfy, but they accumulate electronic charge and send it through your body.

10: Solution: Change your hats.

Ditch any cotton lined or acrylic hats. Opt for hats our scarfs that use silk or satin lining. Using a smoother fabric on your hair, can help your hair lie flatter and won’t be cause it to be roughened up. Instead your hair will glide across the material, which will help to prevent frizz and dreaded hat hair.

11: Solution: Water

When all else fails, plain-old water can help reduce staticy hair problems. It’s the best non-product way add moisture to your hair. Pour a little on your hands and rub on your fly aways.

Having staticy hair can be annoying but there are many ways to combat this issue. Need more information on how to get static out of hair? Check out more information here.