What Is A Ruling Number And How To Find Yours

In numerology, a ruling number, also known as an influential number or master number, is a digit that has the most influence over the personalities of those whose destiny numbers it forms. A ruling number is found by adding the birthdate together and reducing the total to a single digit. The resulting number can be used as an alternate way of discerning one’s destiny number1.

For example, the ruling number for one born on January 3, 1980, is 2.

Your ruling number is 2

This is the number you were born with. It is like a code that you can refer to time and again as you go through your life. With it, you’ll know if you’re doing what you are meant to be doing. As it’s based on the date of your birth, it’s the most important number of all, for it can never change. Your ruling number tells you what you need to do in your life so that you can fulfill your destiny. The word ‘destiny’ is really the same as ‘destination’ or ‘path’2.

Knowing your ruling number can also help you to get in touch with your life’s purpose. When you are aware of your ruling number, you can make choices and changes that will lead you along your path in the right direction. Numerology is the study of numbers and the many ways in which they can affect our lives3. A numerologist will relate any number to events or situations and so give meaning to the numbers we come across every day of our lives. Numerology is an ancient art that dates back thousands of years, and it has been used successfully by many famous people throughout history.

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The ruling number sets out the code for how your life unfolds, but you have free will over what choices you make in life. Your ruling number shows where you need to put your focus in order to fulfill your destiny, but it does not tell you what decisions to make or what route to take, although if you discover that your ruling number is 3 for example, this may show a preference towards creating a career or business that requires you to interact with people rather than the more solitary pursuits of those whose ruling numbers are 1 and 5.

The beautiful thing about numerology is that it’s never too late to start living your life in a way that aligns with what you were born to do. You can change your choices and redirect your path at any point, so there is no need for regret – only joy as you discover what wonderful things lay before you as you move towards fulfilling your destiny.

Understanding Your Ruling Number

  1. People with a number 1 as their birth-ruling number are pioneers. They have an innate inner drive to get to the heart of an issue and really understand the reasons why things happen. Being self-motivated, they can go places without needing too much from others. Their personality is pretty determined and won’t stop until it gets what it wants.

  1. People with number 2 as their birth-ruling number are cooperative, friendly, and work well with groups. Moods affect them strongly so they can be rather emotional at times due to the ruling planet being ‘moon’. They have a good sense of humor and tend to laugh about everything, especially themselves. Their mood swings can be drastic under certain conditions.

  1. People with the number 3 as their birth-ruling number are very social. They enjoy being around others, they hate feeling lonely and need to be around people as much as possible. In addition, they have a powerful imagination which is perhaps why art and music appeal to them so much. Their love of the creative arts brings out the romantic side in 3’s and this coupled with their broadmindedness makes them multi-talented individuals.

  1. People with number 4 as their birth-ruling number tend to be homebodies, preferring to stay at home than go out partying or socializing. They don’t mind entertaining and usually have a few friends and close family members that they’re always interacting with. Not over-emotional, they can appear unsympathetic at times and this is not because they don’t care about others, merely that they tend to withdraw and mull things over in their heads before deciding how to respond.

  1. People with the number 5 as their birth-ruling number love new experiences and the unknown. They are always looking for excitement in one form or another – travel is a popular option. Freedom-loving, change is essential to them so even if they have decided on something, it’s still rather easy for them to ‘back out’ when necessary. Although known for being rather irresponsible, 5’s are also clever at hiding their light under a bushel.

  1. People with the number 6 as their birth-ruling number work well with others and enjoy supporting other people. They are family-orientated individuals who enjoy being pampered and catered to. They are somewhat sensitive and don’t like it when others take advantage of their kind nature or use them as a doormat. Not overly patient, they can come across as moody and cranky at times but the truth is that 6’s actually hate conflict.

  1. People with the number 7 as their birth-ruling number tend to be deep thinkers who don’t voice their opinions much. Often quiet, they prefer listening than talking which makes them good listeners (and counselors). Educated and intuitive, they can see right through people and know what they’re thinking before even opening their mouths! This ability tends to make 7’s very judgemental towards others which can be construed by some as elitism.

  1. People with the number 8 as their birth-ruling number are natural-born leaders and make excellent business people. Too much of a perfectionist, they can at times be rather harsh (usually unintentionally) and this is why they usually make better managers than co-workers! They tend to be materialistic and somewhat self-indulgent which makes them work hard for what they want but this also means that money is rarely an issue that can lead to greed.

  1. People with the number 9 as their birth ruling number need the approval of others more than most. Although they love attention, 9’s can come across as aloof or ‘above everyone’ which leads some people to feel resentful towards 9’s especially those who view themselves as inferior in some way. 9’s are at their happiest when they let go of everything and everyone else – even for short periods of time.

Having an understanding of what your ruling number is, can help you to understand yourself and others a little better. Naturally, we all wear many different masks depending on the situation but our birth-ruling numbers remain unchanged and this is why they play such an important part in helping us live fulfilling and satisfying lives.

The more you research and learn about your ruling number, the easier it will be for you to determine what steps need to be taken in order to keep yourself and others balanced and happy. We are all unique and it’s only when we understand, appreciate, and embrace the differences that we can all get along and enjoy life to its fullest.