Top 5 Pitta Dosha Characteristics

Pitta dosha characteristics are found throughout the human body and mind. The doshas are biological energies that command all physical and mental processes and give every living being an personal blueprint for health and achievement. The doshas originate from the Five Elements of the earth and their affiliated properties. Pitta of Fire and Water, Vata is made of Space and Air, and Kapha of Earth and Water. Pitta dosha characteristics can mirror Fire and Water, like a fiery disposition and oily skin. While one dosha rules in most people, a second dosha typically has a powerful impact.

Pitta dosha characteristics are powerful forces that continually evolve in response to our activities, attitudes, emotions, the seasons, the foods we eat, and any other sensory information that nourish our mind and body. If we live into the satisfaction of our personal characteristics, we simply make lifestyle and dietary choices that foster equilibrium inside our doshas. If we live opposite our inherent characteristics, we encourage toxic actions that lead to physical and mental irregularities.

There are three main pitta dosha characteristics states:

  • Balanced: All three doshas are existing in their fundamental symmetries; also referred to as “equilibrium.”
  • Increased: A critical dosha is now in a greater-than-normal symmetry; also referred to as an “increased” or “excess state.”
  • Decreased: A critical dosha is now in a less-than-normal symmetry; also referred to as a “weakened” or “drained state.”

Of the three cases, the aggravated or increased state points to the highest amount of irregularities. Such irregularities can occur from any amount of influences, including serving a dosha-aggravating diet or having too much pressure and stress in life. With pitta dosha characteristics, you can begin healing the imbalance if you start to understand your individual natural make-up and how to adapt your internal physical surroundings and its requirements with the outside world.

Top 5 Pitta Dosha Characteristics

The main areas of Pitta in the body are the stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver, spleen, blood, eyes, and sweat. Pitta gives the body heat and strength through the breakdown of complex food particles. It commands all rules related to exchange and conversion throughout the mind and body. Psychologically, Pitta governs courage, anger, willpower, joy, mental perception, jealousy, and willpower. It also gives the luminous glow of the intelligence.

Physical Pitta Dosha Characteristics

1. Digestion

Pitta dosha characteristics involves the power of digestion and metabolism in the body and operates through carrier substances such as hormones, organic acids, bile, and enzymes. Pitta points toward hot, sharp, and fast digestion, a state called tikshna agni in Ayurveda. Pitta dosha’s have a roaring digestive fire, and a strong appetite. They are likely to get rather irritable if kept hungry for too long. Skipping meals is not for Pitta doshas. But, pittas with aggravated pitta may also have poor digestion with excess acidity and extreme thirst.

2. Skin

Pitta dosha characteristics can show in their skin. Their skin tends to be sensitive but oily, often characterized by acne, skin inflammations and freckles. Pitta skin also tends to overheat, causing skin irritation. Oily skin is the outcome of the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands. The overheating of pittas can lead to their oily skin, which can lead to clogged pores and acne. Pitta dosha skin is delicate, naturally warm in temperature & can have freckles, beauty marks &/or moles.

3. Body Temperature

Pitta dosha characteristics also involves overheating. The subtle power that controls their metabolism and can cause them to overheat, especially when it’s hot outside. If a pitta is feeling dehydrated, sweaty, or irritable, they probably have excess pitta.

4. Drive

Pitta is fire energy and that fiery energy can be used in their physical drive. This can be for their energy, sex, and sleep. Pitta dosha characteristics sleep soundly for short periods and then can wake up full of energy. They are often the morning type because of how much energy their fire can create. Pitta dosha characteristics ccan also include a strong sex drive

When in equilibrium, Pitta dosha characteristics include a radiant glow, excellent digestion, overflowing energy, and a healthy appetite.

Mental Pitta Dosha Characteristics

5. Firey Emotions

Pitta dosha characteristics have a fiery nature. The emotions of a Pitta can range from a happy temperament, a sharp mind, and resolution and ambition. But if the fire of the mind gets out of hand, a Pitta’s emotions can easily become rage, anger, and egotism. There is a saying that imbalanced. A balanced Pitta dosha characteristic will be more charitable, optimistic, compassionate, prosperous, and be a visionary.

Healing For Pitta

Pitta dosha characteristics require care. To pacify Pitta emotions, you must get enough relaxation. It’s important to cool off by drinking plenty of cold water to keep your internal temperature down. Rose water sprays are very useful with overheating and soothing feelings of irritation. Eating hot and spicy foods increase irritability and body temperature, Pitta doshas should bypass foods that are very sharp, vinegary, or acid-producing. Pitta doshas can benefit from daily meditation and to avoid overworking and overdoing. People experiencing a balanced Pitta dosha will do great to concentrate on love and gratitude.

Ayurveda provides individual recommendations for every dosha characteristic from comprehensive lifestyle modifications to the treatment of dis-ease (literally, an imbalance within our natural state of “ease”). Since the doshas characteristics are used to identify irregularities before the creation of dis-ease, Ayurveda is also a comprehensive system of preventative remedies.