My New Skin Care Obsession: Loofah Sponges

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I love using new beauty products, anything to make my skin feel better is welcomed by me. Your skin is your largest organ and it needs some extra TLC. Skin is one of the first things people notice about you, so why not let your skin glow more?

Like everyone, I have my bad points. One of them being that I have dry skin, especially on my legs. They are always left with red blotches or just look rough and flaky. You can imagine how it feels to be running around all day at work in stockings feeling like your legs are made out of sandpaper!

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Recently I was at my local Dollar Store a few weeks ago and noticed a loofah sponge for only one dollar! I decided to take the risk and purchase it, hoping that it would do half of what is claimed.

The first time I used this simple-looking product, all I could think about was how messy it would be if it fell on the floor or into the tub. The idea of having one hundred percent organic natural fibers falling off in random places scared me. It turned out not to be as stressful as I predicted. When wet, the loofah softens up very nicely, there are no harsh pains or debris falling off while lathering up your body.

I have heard that loofah sponges are very good at exfoliating your skin, so I decided to test it out and see if, in fact, this was true or not. I used the sponge in circular motions and light pressure all over my arms and legs. The result was a smoother more even texture on my skin without any red bumps or marks left behind from excessive scrubbing.

The best part is how much cleaner you feel after using a loofah. You can actually see all of the dirt coming off of your body! This tells me that the product is doing its job by getting deep into your pores with exfoliation and getting rid of any extra toxins that may have been left behind.

No matter how many times I use the sponge, it never creates any excess waste or particles that are not needed. When most people have a loofah they eventually start to see dryness or splits in the material that is being used on your skin. My new loofah sponge by Almooni is 100% natural, eco-friendly, and has had no damage done to it after multiple uses and machine washes.

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I am sold on using this product for myself and my family members, even if it means paying over $8 for one disposable loofah at the local beauty store! This loofah can be used up to hundreds of times before needing to be replaced because of its durability!

The Background on Loofas

Loofas come in many shapes and sizes, from disk-like to puffed and from short to long. Most loofahs are made from a dried gourd, although synthetic materials also exist. Loofahs can be used with or without a soap lubricant, with most people preferring the addition of a lubricant like soap.

The word “loofah” is derived from the Arabic word “lufa”, which is the name of the tropical Asian fruit from which they are produced. The ancient Egyptians used loofas made from dried plants for bathing. In ancient India, it was a practice to replace loofa every year at the time of Akshay Tritiya. Loofahs have been used as a sponge for bathing since at least the time of ancient Egypt. They are mentioned in the “Book of Judges” as being used by the Philistines. Loofahs are also known to have been used by women during menstruation in Ancient India, and were held to be effective for cleansing.

Are loofah sponges really worth the money?

Well, it turns out that not only are they worth it but experts say that using a loofah sponge can greatly improve your skin. Some of the benefits include:

Reduces blemishes

Blemishes are caused by bacteria, dirt, and oils that are built upon the top layer of your skin.  

A loofah sponge can help to clear this away by helping remove these toxins before they become too much for your body to handle.

Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells for a brighter complexion

Oftentimes using chemical-based products strip away natural oils that are needed to maintain healthy-looking skin. A loofah will gently rid of any unwanted debris without taking away any healthy oils. This can leave behind a more radiant look!

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Keeps pores clog-free

The loofah helps keep pores open which means you won’t have as many breakouts or blemishes happening around your face or other problem areas. Loofahs are actually very good for the skin because they remove dead cells, which leaves it feeling supple and looking radiant. It’s also great at keeping pores clear of debris which can cause acne if not cleaned away regularly. Loofahs are also known to help with cellulite by promoting blood circulation and getting rid of toxins in the body that make the skin look more dimpled or bumpy.                 

Reduces Oil Production      

Loofah sponges help reduce oil production on the skin, which can decrease greasy hair and face. It also makes the skin feel tight and dry after every shower (which can be a good thing if you suffer from oily skin).

Effective at Removing Heavy Makeup       

Using a loofah to remove your makeup can help get rid of all that stubborn mascara or eyeliner. You also won’t have to worry about scrubbing too hard with this sponge because it is so gentle on the face. It’s important not to forget about your neck when trying to remove makeup, but it usually gets missed in most cases. A reusable loofah is perfect for keeping all areas of your body clean! 

Improve the appearance of cellulite

Toxins and fat can make skin dimpled or bumpy looking. A loofah sponge helps to promote blood circulation and remove these bad toxins from the body before they get a chance to sit on the surface of your skin. This means that you’ll have an improvement in your appearance without having to spend more money on expensive cellulite creams!

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Loofah Sponges are Gentle on Sensitive Skin       

Some beauty sponges can be abrasive on the skin, but a loofah is so gentle that it’s perfect for even sensitive skin. It’s also great for washing babies because of how soft it feels against their tender new skin. Also if you have any allergies to certain fabric fibers then a reusable loofah is perfect for you because it will never irritate your skin and cause further problems.

Improves circulation and blood flow

Adding a loofah sponge to your daily routine can help boost circulation and promote the flow of blood throughout the body. This is great for both your skin and hair, which means you’ll not only look better but feel better too!  

How To Use A Loofa Sponge

Now that we know what a luffa can do for us, let’s talk about how to use them.

First, you want to get the sponge wet and then apply your body wash or soap onto the sponge.

You do not have to rub it on your body as if you were using a bar of soap, instead just softly rub up against your skin. This is because when loofah sponges are dry they become very stiff which makes them difficult to use so keep this in mind when buying a new sponge.

Next, take a scrubby cloth and gently work out any dead skin cells until smooth. Your skin will feel great and look more radiant.

This is a quick and easy process that can make your skin more beautiful. If you do not have enough time to take a shower at the end of the day, I recommend using a loofah sponge as a substitute as it works almost as well as actually showering.

Loofa sponges are great for those with busy schedules who still want to keep up their hygiene routine! Although these might be some helpful little sponges they can also be very harmful if used improperly so here’s one final tip: Make sure you replace your luffa every two months otherwise, it could lead to acne caused by dirt and bacteria buildup on the sponge itself. Please remember these tips when buying your next beauty product, and I hope you have a great rest of the day!

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