How to Untangle Matted Hair Fast

Looking for tips on how to untangle matted hair fast? Hair becoming tangled can happen to the best of us, no matter how you try to avoid it. There are a few things that you can do that are conventional best practices to untangle matted hair fast. While some may decide to seek a professional (hair stylist) to fix their matted hair, it can be done at home pretty quickly with a few tools and the right products. In order to how to untangle matted hair fast, it’s important to know why it happened.

There are many reason hair gets matted; it may be naturally tangled or due to excessive dryness, overuse of harmful chemicals and treatments, lack of regular cleaning, prolonged exposure of untied hair to wind, excessive humidity, etc. Old habits that are making hair unnecessarily matted in the first place or detangling mistakes that are causing more harm than good can cause matting. Frequent matting could also mean it’s time for a trim—damaged hair gets easily intertwined and matted.

Carefully detangling hair, especially curly hair, can be tedious. But it one of the most important steps you can take to keep your hair from matting. When detangling your hair, start with your ends and work your way up to the root. Severely tangled or matted hair needs to be worked on prior to adding water and shampoo. Work through knots before you lather up your hair with shampoo. Pre-poos are successful for detangling matted hair because they prime the hair by coating, softening, and making detangling easier before cleansing. The more often you detangle your hair, the less likely you are to get severe matting that take forever to comb out.

How to Untangle Matted Hair Fast – Tools

One of the best ways tips on how to untangle matted hair fast is to gently comb it in the shower after applying conditioner. It’s important that you use a comb that won’t damage or break your hair, since hair is weakest when wet. Wide-toothed combs (or your fingers) are the best options for combing through tangles and matting. However, today there are many healthy detangling options to choose from that focus on untangling matted hair fast without causing much damage.

How to Untangle Matted Hair Fast – Technique

It’s important not to force matting out by pulling the comb roughly through the hair. One stylist tip on how to untangle matted hair fast is isolate the matted area, holding the hair tightly, and make picking motions at the matting with the tip of a comb or with fingers. Holding the section puts less stress on the hair by not pulling at the scalp. The picking motion will slowly loosen up the matting, knots, and tangles until you can smoothly comb through the whole piece.

When your hair is extremely tangled or matted it’s definitely best to detangle first on dry hair before getting the hair wet, using a natural oil like coconut or dry conditioner can help speed up this process by providing slippage and softening the hair.

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How to Untangle Matted Hair Fast – Products

Keep strands smooth and untangle matted hair fast with the right detanglers. You can almost cut your detangling time in half with the right products. Detangling products creates a lubricant so that hair becomes smooth and slides against each other without friction. If your hair is matted because of excessive dryness, this is a very good method of untangling it fast. These products enables the hair to become soft, and it helps the hair to be more manageable. There are also many natural ingredients that can be used that helps easily comb out the matted hair.

  • Warm coconut oil

  • Warm olive oil

  • Warm sweet almond oil

Learning how to untangle matted hair fast is all about preventing excessive matted. The more matted the hair the longer it will take to detangle. Taking the time to make sure your hair is knot free daily can help avoid matting. It is also important to protect hair at night when sleeping. If your hair is loose while sleeping it has a better chance of tangling as you toss and turn. Covering hair in a scarf or braiding it and wearing it in a protective style can minimize the chances of matting.

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