How to Get Rid of Moobs Without Weights – Extensive Guide

Burn Chest Fat at Home (BODYWEIGHT EXERCISE!)

Moobs are caused by the formation of excess fat or breast tissue, which gives the appearance of breasts. Everything in fitness points to lifting weights to help with this issue. But if you have moobs you may be looking for information on how to get rid of moobs without weights. If you’re interested in finding a workout that helps you burn calories to lose fat, but aren’t fond of lifting weights, you’re in luck. Thankfully, you don’t need weights to get rid of moobs. Simple activities such as walking or running can burn a high number of calories and get rid of moobs; however, the calories you burn depend on your weight, the length of your exercise and your level of intensity.

For sufferers, it can be an extremely embarrassing issue, leading to problems with self-esteem, body confidence and an overall decline in mental well-being. While you can’t spot-reduce fat, you can still use targeted exercises to build up muscle in an area and a  solid cardio routine will help how to get rid of moobs without weights. If you’re going to stand any chance of getting rid of moobs, it’s important to know how they got there in the first place.

Gynaecomastia creates moobs due to hormone fluctuation or weight fluctuation. Sometimes, this can also be due to steroid use. Pseudogynecomastia creates boobs is a combination of fat and gland (mainly fat caused) caused by weight fluctuation. The type of moobs we are going to get rid of without weights is pseudogynecomastia. Consuming more calories than you’re burning off is the easiest way to develop moobs. extra fat creates a hormone imbalance which can inhibit the production of testosterone, increasing moobs. In addition to lifestyle changes, there are also several things you can do to get rid of moobs without weights.

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What to Eat

To get rid of moobs without weights change your diet. There are small diet changes that nutrition experts recommend to encourage weight. Try to eat high-protein foods that are low in calories and saturated fat. You should strive to at a protein, a vegetable and a fruit for every meal possible. Be sure to to eat every few hours to keep your metabolism high and your muscles fed properly.


Science tells us that protein is a natural fat burner. Protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss and a better looking body. Increasing protein intake will increase your metabolism and help to maintain your muscle mass, all of which helps with fat-burning. Protein also reduces appetite and changes several weight-regulating hormones that can cause decrease the appearance of moobs.


Vegetables have several properties that make them perfect for getting rid of moobs. Vegetables have a lot of fiber and are full of nutrition like essential minerals and vitamins that may help your body improve metabolism and subsequently burn fat in your moobs. Lose fat fast and keep the fat off for good by incorporating dark leafy greens into every meal.

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Add cardio into your life to get rid of moobs without weights. Cardio exercise is a must if your goal is fat loss withouts weights. Cardio’s goal is to burn extra calories and help you lose fat. Low-intensity cardio training, such as jogging, is one of the most popular tactics for getting rid of boobs.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue. Nothing burns fat like HIIT. Sprinting is an incredible tool for getting rid of moobs. Sprinting utilizes serious muscle from both your upper and lower body. Sprinting also promotes fat loss and increases your metabolic rate for several days after the workout.


Pushups can help dissolve the fat that’s contributing to moobs. While this won’t spot-reduce fat from your chest, it will help build the muscle underneath, giving it more size and definition. The pushup builds the muscles on the front of your body especially in the chest area. Decline pushups are done as the same way as regular pushups and are a great exercise for reducing chest fat. But you can’t just do push-ups all day until your moobs disappear. Diet and cardio mentioned above plays a major part.


Burpee can help get rid of moobs without weights. Burpees are one of the most efficient, functional exercises you can do. Burpees employ a large number of muscles. If you want maximum results in your chest, don’t do a complete burpee. Go down in a push-up without touching the ground and jump back up. Even though burpees are a nightmare for many people, they really have a lot of benefits.

While can’t lose your moobs by doing a gazillion of chest exercises, you can get rid of moobs without weights. Since moobs are just fat tissue covering your chest muscles and since you can’t burn fat locally, you can make lifestyle changes that helps reduce them. To build muscle efficiently, you should be consuming enough protein in grams each day to match your body weight in pounds. To get rid of moobs completely it really depends on how much fat tissue and what the elasticity of the skin is like. It could be that after weight loss, the man boobs completely go away. But it could also be the case that when there is a lot of fat to lose, there is loose skin remaining.

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