How Running Can Improve Your Mind

Most of us experience a few days a year when the stress level is such that we are not as humane as we should be toward others. Family members, co-workers, and friends often push runners out the door for a workout on such days because they know that there is usually an attitude change afterward.

A series of positive circuits are activated throughout the mind-body network when you run at a comfortable pace. This results in a better state of mind, which triggers improved confidence and energy.

By the end of the run, I want to improve whatever I’m working on. I get more things done, have more energy to relate to my family, feel better, and work better. Without running, I wouldn’t be the person I am.

Running to Improve Mental Health | Jess Robson

Attitude adjustment: Studies show that as people get into running their personality profile improves in a positive direction. Over time, runners tend to have a more positive outlook and overall attitude. Even after one run, I feel better about myself and better about the future. Running every other day brings consistency to this attitude improvement. It has always amazed me how a run can change one’s perspective. I’ve always sensed that I think better after a run.

Now there’s research to prove it. Cognitive test results are better after 30 minutes on the treadmill. Running seems to unblock mental logjams and rev up mental energy. This helps me be a better parent, husband, project leader, coach, writer, problem solver, and friend. Individual responsibility for health: Running makes me aware of my capabilities and physical limitations.

Running has prepared me to expect to have a general feeling of well-being and to know that something is wrong when I don’t. This allows for quick medical action if needed. I’ve only had two colds in the past 10 years. I believe that being conscious of maintaining long-term health triggers other circuits that make us more likely to respond to other warning signs. More vitality: Just the thought that I will get an activity boost from my run energizes my day. I look forward to the workout, which reduces stress buildup.

During the run, I feel really alive. Afterward, the energy circuits are turned on for hours, mentally and physically. I feel better! Running helps to put my mind, body, and spirit into balance. This bestows a glow that I don’t get from any other activity.

Because I feel better, I think better. I want to help people, take care of my responsibilities, improve my communication and projects, and enjoy my family. Be nice to your friends, family members, and yourself – get out and