A Guide to Astym Treatment for Tennis Elbow

One of the main reasons Astym treatment for tennis elbow receives such praise is because it seeks to resolve the underlying cause of soft tissue problems like tennis elbow rather than just trying to temporarily relieve symptoms.

11 Gurjun Balsam Essential Oil Benefits

Gurjun Balsam essential oil benefits are numerous. It is a trusted Ayurvedic remedy for relieving respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis and chronic cough, for its ability to eliminate excess mucous deposits in the system.

7 Tips How to Stop Whooshing Sound in Ear

Tinnitus is not a disease — it’s a symptom. It’s a sign that something is wrong with your auditory system, which includes your ear, the auditory nerve that connects the inner ear to the brain, and the parts of the brain that process soun

9 Benefits Of Gargling with Olive Oil

Gargling oil is an oral health routine that involves swishing oil around in the mouth in a similar way to mouthwash, but for a much more extended period. Some refer to it as oil pulling. Gargling oil is an ancient, Indian folk remedy claimed to whiten your teeth, freshen your breath and greatly improve your oral health. The main benefit of doing this is that it reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

13 Great Laurus Nobilis Essential Oil Benefits

Laurus nobilis essential oil benefits are well-regarded in aromatherapy due to its unique molecular structure. It contains elements of nearly all of the primary chemical groups which make up essential oils. The result is a broad range of therapeutic uses.

11 Astounding Belly Button Oiling Benefits

Oiling your belly button is an Ayurvedic practice. In Ayurveda, this is known as Nabhi Chikitsa.Nabhi means belly button in Sanskrit. Ayurvedic experts practiced this method to get optimum relief from various ailments. The believe the belly button is a secret spot on the body that can effectively cure daily health problems. Belly button oiling benefits are plentiful and here are the top ones we found.