3 Answers for What Causes Horizontal Ridges In Fingernails

Your fingernails can say a lot about the quality of your health. Problems like stress to kidney and thyroid disease can cause show signs through your nails. One common change is the appearance of our nails. Ridges that can run vertical or horizontal. Many different health conditions can cause changes in the nails and nail bed, including shaping ridges in the nails.

5 Ways to Keep Moisture In your Skin This Winter

Climates drop and suddenly there’s a snap, crackle, and pop. Hair snaps, lips and skin crackle, and joints pop. Here, you’ll find expert-approved techniques and recommendations to help your skin feel smooth, relieved, and nourished 24-7. 

4 Easy DIY Makeup Remover Recipes

Are you just throwing money away on makeup remover? Ok,throwing away money may be an exaggeration, but what if you could save some of that money by creating your own homemade natural and non-toxic makeup remover?

7 of The Best Solutions For a Pimple on Earlobe

Having pimples can make you feel insecure and uncomfortable. Having them on your earlobe can be painful and annoying. Ear acne can be tricky to treat, fortunately, we found some home remedies and treatments that may give you relief.

The Only Oatmeal Mask Needed To Treat Acne

Skincare is expensive and many of those over the counter skin care products can make things worst with synthetic and harsh chemicals. Going the natural route is usually best when healing the body and we found this face mask that can help reduce acne while soothing irritated skin as well.

9 Best Ways To Heal and Prevent Windburned Lips

Whether cracked, peeling, painful, chapped or swollen, no one likes dealing with lips that are anything other than supple and smooth. If you spend anytime at all outside during winter, you’re likely to suffer the wrath of the wind. Windburn is a condition that refers to the burning and redness your skin might endure after spending time outdoors in the cold, windy air.