Guide To Choosing The Best Toothpaste For Veneers

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Veneers are a great option for people who want a big, beautiful smile but either does not have time for regular dental checkups or they do not prefer the usual methods of filling cavities and whitening teeth. While veneers can appear highly attractive in your mouth, it is important to know how to care for them and choose the best toothpaste for veneers in order to prevent damage. Veneers are actually quite delicate, even though they are made out of porcelain.

They can be ruined if their surface is exposed to the chemicals in toothpaste over time, so it is essential to choose toothpaste with care when using or brushing your teeth with veneers.

It is easy to accidentally purchase toothpaste containing chemicals that damage veneers since all toothpaste are required by law to contain fluoride. This component of toothpaste is what makes your enamel strong and keeps cavities away, but it can also be very harmful to your porcelain veneers if they come into contact with it for too long.

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To find the right toothpaste, look at the ingredients that are listed on the packaging. If you see sodium lauryl sulfate in the list of ingredients, this is a prime example of an ingredient in toothpaste that can cause damage to veneers.

Best Toothpaste For Veneers

Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste with Fluoride – $21

This toothpaste was developed by Dr. Irwin Smigel, world-renowned “Father of Aesthetic Dentistry”. It is designed to whiten teeth and improve oral health while harnessing the power of Calprox, a proprietary formula of encapsulated calcium peroxide. It has no harsh abrasives making it safe for veneers.

Oxyfresh Pro Formula Gentle Low Abrasion Fresh Mint Toothpaste – $12

Protect your veneers with this gentle toothpaste formula. The Pro Formula Toothpaste has an RDA rating of only 45. This means the toothpaste is designed to protect the surface of your teeth and while maintaining oral health.

Dental Herb Company – PerioSpot Gum Care Gel – $15

PerioSpot is a natural, antimicrobial gum gel that reduces inflammation and bleeding by inhibiting the growth of bacteria on the spot. It has no abrasives and uses herbs and essential oils to keep your gum health intact.

When brushing your teeth, remember to avoid any aggressive scrubbing motions in order to prevent veneers from chipping or cracking. It is also crucial for you to brush gently around the edges of your veneers in order to make sure you don’t damage the porcelain.

Avoid using a toothbrush with hard bristles as well, as these can cause scratches on your veneers. This is especially important if you have had your veneers for a long time and they are already slightly scratched.

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If you follow the following tips for veneers, then you will maintain their beautiful appearance for many years to come!

1. Be mindful of what you eat and drink – If you want to keep your veneers looking their best, be mindful about the things that you eat and drink. It is recommended to not eat or drink anything that could stain your teeth. This includes things like coffee, tea, wine, and certain foods such as blueberries and tomato sauce. It is best to clean them immediately after you consume these items if this cannot be avoided.

2. Brush twice a day – Brushing your teeth twice a day is absolutely necessary to keep your veneers looking their best. It is recommended to brush shortly after every time you eat or drink something that could stain your teeth.

3. Floss daily – Although it may feel like there is no food getting stuck in between your veneers, you are wrong if you think this! You need to floss at least once a day to make sure that there are no tiny pieces of food trapped in between them because they could become very stained over time which will make them dull.

4. Get rid of plaque buildup – No matter how many times you brush your teeth, they will still gather plaque which WILL cause staining to occur faster than normal. To avoid this issue, try using antimicrobial toothpaste to keep the bacteria count low and purchase a sonic toothbrush for deep cleaning action.

5. Get your teeth professionally cleaned every six months – Although you want to look after them properly on your own, there are still stains that will not come out with regular brushing and flossing so it is best to get them professionally cleaned once every six months. This will keep your veneers looking their best for as long as possible!

6. Be mindful during your final teeth cleanings – Although you can avoid stains from accumulating by brushing and flossing daily, there will still be a bit that gets left behind which is okay. However, during your final teeth cleaning before getting veneers, it is best to have all of the plaque removed so that the dentist has a clear view of where they should put them.

Regularly taking care of your veneers and keeping these helpful tips in mind will keep your veneers looking their best for as long as possible! Make sure to brush twice a day, floss once a day, and visit your dentist regularly. If you are unsure about how to take care of your veneers, give your dentist a call! They are more than happy to help you out.