Batana Oil For Hair Benefits and Guide

Batana oil for hair comes from La Moskitia, Honduras on the northeast side of the country. It is produced by the indigenous Miskito, who are also known as the Tawira, or “the people of beautiful hair.” They have produced and use this oil for hundreds of years. The secret to the beautiful hair of the Miskitos is batana, an oil extracted from pine nuts.

Batana oil for hair has moisturizing, softening, and protective properties for hair and skin, it has slowly become a necessary hair care product for many. But, not all oils are equally good for all types of hair.

The tree is the American oil palm Elaeis oleifera (Buriti palm), which is native to tropical Central and South America. The oil is extracted from the nut of this tree. At room temperature, it’s a smooth, brown paste. There are other palm oils, red and yellow, that come from African palm trees, but Batana is made from the American oil palm tree.

Each tree produces from 10 to 20 very large bunches of fruit each year, from which 2 to 4 liters of raw oil can be extracted. The fruit is boiled and then pounded to remove the orange outer shell. The nuts are washed, sun-dried, and cracked using a stone to release the kernel. These are cooked over a fire until the oil is extracted. Finally, the hot oil is poured into glass bottles where it cools into a thick paste.

While this oil has many amazing benefits we are focused on what it can do for hair. Read on to see Batana Oil benefits for hair:

The first benefit is that natural batana hair oil, meaning the least processed, comes packed with several of the vitamins and micro-nutrients that are found in food. So hair oil is basically hair food.

1. Growth

Another benefit of a thorough batana hair oil massage is that it boosts blood circulation in the scalp. The oil is spread evenly around the scalp, sending nutrients directly to all the hair roots.

90% of the oil’s nutritional content is made up of oleic and linoleic acid. This, combined with the fatty acids, penetrates the hair shafts and roots and nourishes it, restoring its optimum health and boosting hair growth.

2. Moisture

Batana Oil is mainly an emollient which makes it extremely moisturizing. It’s good for nourishing your hair. “Batana oil will protect your damaged ends from becoming overly parched due to the detergents found in shampoos or even the harshness of water.

3. Thickness

Thank to its fatty acids, Batana oil is known for repairing damaged hair and creating hair growth. It penetrates the outer layer of the hair shaft. The added regrowth and reduced hair fall make your hair thicker and stronger.

Batana oil for hair does the job of fighting hair fall and of aiding hair regrowth. Therefore, whether you’ve got a hair loss problem or not, you can use the oil, and the results can only be good.

4. Color

Not only is this oil great for hair growth and preventing breakage but it also can work as an all-natural dye by naturally darkening grey and white hairs back to your natural hair color. Like any good conditioner, batana oil for hair may help strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage. You can use the oil as an alternative to standard conditioners, or just add a few drops of the oil to your usual conditioner to boost its smoothing power

5. Shine

Batana oil’s oleic and linoleic acids work wonders on hair that has been damaged by exposure to UV, pollution, hair dyes, or other chemical treatments increasing its overall shine. It provides your hair with a protective coat along the shaft. This, in turn, reflects more light and makes your hair smoother and shinier.

Batana oil is definitely worth trying out if you want to see more growth and strength as well as experience less breakage with your hair.

6 Reasons to Use Batana Oil for Hair

  1. The oil stimulates hair growth by getting deep into its follicles.
  2. Batana oil promotes the scalp health fighting against such problems as insect bites, lice and dandruff.
  3. The oil moisturises dry hair.
  4. Batana oil adds lustre and shine to the hair.
  5. the oil adds softness to the hair.
  6. Batana oil prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length.

How to Use Batana Oil For Hair

1. pre-wash

Use oil on your scalp and strands before you shower and while in the shower for a deep moisturizing treatment.

2. pre-styling

Add a pump or two of oil to damp or dry hair before going in with a styling tool in order to tame frizz.

3. post-styling

After you’re finished and ready to go, add oil to give your look extra shine and gloss