A Natural Remedy to Treat Yeast Infections

A vaginal yeast infection (vaginal candidiasis) is produced by an overgrowth of a fungus that is naturally in your vagina (Candida albicans). This overgrowth creates irritation, swelling, itching, and unpleasant discharge. Most women experience a yeast infection at least once during their lifetime.

If this is your first time experiencing the symptoms of a yeast infection, you should visit a gynecologist to verify that you actually have a yeast infection.

But if you have recurring yeast infections here is another method to try to treat a yeast infection.

Medical Conditions & Treatments : Natural Remedies for a Yeast Infection


Tea tree oil is an essential oil that’s used to kill fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Research shows that a vaginal suppository containing tea tree oil may help treat vaginal infections. Tea tree oil is also believed to help maintain a healthy balance of flora in the vagina. (1)

As tea tree oil is a very strong antiseptic, apart from yeast it can also kill the friendly bacteria in your vagina, so it’s best to use probiotic ovules for at least one week straight after finishing your tea tree suppository treatment to balance your vaginal flora and avoid vaginal yeast infections in future. (2)

Probiotics may also be helpful in increasing vaginal health. More info on that can be found here.

If you are experiencing itching on your vagina it could be another issue outside of a yeast infection, check out other causes and remedies for itching here.