9 Impressive Hydrating Facial Benefits For Skin

Facials are a wonderful way to keep one’s skin looking and feeling its best. An ideal facial will do a number of things: it will refine pores, remove dead cells on the surface of the skin and hydrate the dermis. The hydrating facial is full of water-rich properties and has been designed to provide deep hydration to the skin. Unlike a typical facial, the hydrating facial delivers more water and nutrients into the skin. This makes it perfect for dry, flaky skin that needs nourishment. Many people will also describe this treatment as an extremely relaxing experience that can be enjoyed at least once or twice per month.

Facials work on the outer and inner layers of skin. They cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the outer layer while nourishing and hydrating the deeper levels of skin with essential oils and minerals. Facials are designed to refresh your complexion so you have a healthy glow without makeup or other cosmetic enhancements. Dry skin especially needs the nourishing benefits that a hydrating facial delivers because it appears dull and tired. A hydrating facial will hydrate skin from the inside out, giving your skin a radiant glow, no matter what type of skin you have or how dry it is.

Although many facials are relaxing, hydrating facials are more so. This treatment will last for an hour or longer and will deliver a full body massage along with steam to open up the pores and remove toxins from the skin. Hydrating facials are great for all skin types but are especially beneficial for dry, dehydrated skin that’s in need of hydration. The moisture-rich facial will nourish the skin and give it a dewy glow while repairing damage at the cellular level.

This facial treatment also helps with a number of other skin conditions, including wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. By using water circulation and infusing the deeper layers of skin with powerful minerals, hydrating facials can also help the skin repair its own damage. Dead skin cells are removed with steam, exfoliation, and cleansing so the skin is able to repair itself. As the skin repairs itself, it will produce more collagen which will keep wrinkles at bay. If that’s not enough of a reason to get more facials, hydrating facials also help with acne by removing impurities before they’re deep inside pores.

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful ingredient that’s typically used with hydrating facials. Patients will notice the difference after one treatment as this acid works to keep skin hydrated from deep within layers of cells. Hyaluronic acid also has anti-aging properties as it helps with collagen production and brings much-needed minerals to the surface of the skin.

Other ingredients used with hydrating facials:

  • aloe vera gel
  • hydrating serum
  • beta hydroxy acid
  • alpha hydroxy acids

Hydrating facials are the perfect way to keep one’s skin hydrated and healthy throughout the year. During summer, they can help keep your skin refreshed after being in the sun all day but come fall and winter when the humidity has dropped significantly, hydrating facials will be just what your skin needs to stay moisturized without feeling oily. Dry skin is not only uncomfortable, but it’s also dangerous as dry skin can crack and scar if not properly taken care of.

Intense hydration is essential for healthy skin, especially during the fall and winter months. By getting a hydrating facial every two weeks, you’ll notice the difference as your skin will be ready to fight off dryness as spring comes around again. Radiant skin is healthy skin and hydrating facials help deliver nourishment to the skin while removing toxins and dead skin cells.

Hydrating Facial Benefits For Skin

1. Repairs uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone, including hyperpigmentation and age spots, can be reduced and eliminated with hydrating facials. This facial will hydrate your skin from the inside out so you’ll notice a significant difference in no time at all. Hyaluronic acid is very useful when it comes to repairing unevenness on the surface of the skin as well as wrinkles and fine lines. A hydrating facial will keep collagen production at its peak so you’ll not only have smoother skin but healthier, younger-looking skin as well.

2. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The biggest change you’ll notice with a hydrating facial is how it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As your skin becomes more hydrated, it will plump up and the appearance of lines and wrinkles will be reduced as a result. The hyaluronic acid found in hydrating facials improves moisture retention throughout the body, keeping the cells hydrated for longer periods of time. So fine lines are not only reduced but eliminated when one opts for regular hydrating facials.

3. Eliminates age spots

Age spots are often the result of sun damage, so when you get a hydrating facial that also includes exfoliation, you’ll see these dark spots fade away. Age spots are the last thing anyone wants to have on their face, but they can be reduced and eliminated with regular hydrating facials. The exfoliation process removes the top layers of dead skin, revealing the lighter skin underneath. So age spots are less noticeable after one or two sessions.

4. Reduces Oily Skin Issues

Hydrating oily skin may sound counterproductive but it can actually help oily skin in the long run. This facial will rid skin of impurities, removing excess oil and dirt so pores don’t get clogged up with debris. So when you have a hydrating facial performed on your face, there is a good chance that you’ll notice less oil production in the days to come.

5. Restores skin’s moisture levels

As your skin becomes more hydrated, it will also restore its moisture levels throughout the day. This process speeds up when you get a hydrating facial because it includes exfoliation so dead cells are removed and healthy, fresh cells are revealed. Once the oil glands become unclogged, they’ll produce less oil which will result in less oil on the surface of your skin. Dry patches will be a thing of the past as your skin will always be hydrated from the inside out.

6. Gentle exfoliation

Exfoliation helps rid the skin of excess oils and dead cells, revealing fresh layers of skin underneath. This process can be harsh on sensitive skin so hydrating facials offer gentle exfoliation to ensure the results are not abrasive or irritating. The exfoliation process will last longer which means there is less chance for your skin to become dry and flaky.

7. Heals damaged skin

Damaged skin can become a thing of the past when you opt for regular hydrating facials. This facial will speed up your recovery time and help keep new breakouts at bay, so damaged skin is less likely to form. So if you have acne scars or patches of eczema, a hydrating facial can help you get rid of these skin issues.

8. Reduces the likelihood of acne breakouts

Acne breakouts by hydrating skin from the inside out, it will reduce the likelihood of future acne breakouts so your skin stays healthy and hydrated. When you get a hydrating facial done, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to rid yourself of acne for several months or more because your skin’s moisture levels are at their peak after the facial.

9. Maintaining hydrated skin

Hydrating facials are not just beneficial for people who suffer from dry, dehydrated skin. If you have combination or oily skin, this facial will keep your skin’s moisture levels balanced so it doesn’t become either too dry or too oily down the road. Maintaining hydrated skin is the ultimate goal for anyone who has oily or acne-prone skin.

A facial massage is part of the skin hydration process to increase blood flow and circulation. This massage will reduce puffiness in the face, reduce dark circles under the eyes, and relieve headaches. Intraceuticals oxygen infusions are also typically included for their antioxidant effects to give skin a healthy glow.

What to expect during a hydrating facial

For your first facial in the following days, use gentle cleansers, avoid harsh exfoliants and apply light moisturizers more often to keep skin hydrated. Your treatment plan might also include a daily skincare routine to follow. Normal activities such as excessive exercise, hot showers, and harsh products can all have a negative effect on the skin’s hydration levels afterward. Your skincare routine will be outlined by the esthĂ©ticienne and can also be changed by you depending on your daily activities.

Hydrating facials also consist of long-lasting serums that penetrate deep into your skin’s layers for optimal results. Professional facials consist of a variety of serums and lotions so your skin is left feeling soft and smooth. Skincare products like a hydrating moisturizer and eye cream are also included in the facial.

Depending on your skin condition or how much oil your skin produces, you may need to schedule your hydrating facial once a week for optimal results. Weekly facials will enhance the quality of your skin and prevent aging and damage from happening. If you want your skin to be healthy and hydrated, then getting a weekly facial is the best way to achieve this goal.

The benefits of a hydrating facial are for any skin type. If you’re suffering from dry, dull skin, or uneven skin texture there is a good chance that this facial will help you get rid of those issues after just one or two sessions. A series of treatment may be required before you will see optimal results, so be sure to talk to your esthetician about this issue.

If you’re suffering from acne or other skin conditions, a hydrating facial can help keep these issues at bay because the facial will unclog the pores and let oil flow freely through them. Just like any other type of facial, you’ll want to keep your skin protected from the sun afterward with an SPF moisturizer or sunscreen that blocks out both UVA and UVB rays. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after this deep hydration facial so it’s important to take care of your skin for the long term.