9 Benefits of Triphala Churna for Hair Growth

Triphala For Hair: Benefits And How To Use

Are you looking for triphala churna for hair growth? Triphala churna has amazing properties to improve the overall health or your hair and increase the rate of growth.

Tri…what? Yes, dear readers, triphala might not be a word you have heard often in our Western world, but with the world becoming ever more interconnected, and the majority of humans becoming more and more health-conscious, people are slowly, but surely, realizing the benefits of ancient medicines that were discovered and used by our ancestors, and other nations, several centuries ago. One of the medicines that had been commonly used in ancient India was called “triphala.”

Let’s explore exactly what this “triphala churna for hair growth” is. The actual word “triphala” means three fruits” (M., 2018). This is because the triphala churna is not comprised of just 1 herb, but is rather the “combination of three fruits, respectively the “Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amla” (M., 2018). “These fruits are completely dried, powdered and then mixed in the correct amounts to make the Triphala churna” (M., 2018) As mentioned above, triphala churna for hair growth is not some new discovery made by advanced science in a faraway lab. On the contrary, this miracle Ayurvedic remedy has been used as medicine since ancient times by our ancestors. For example, “triphala has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times as a multi-purpose treatment for symptoms ranging from stomach ailments to dental cavities. It is also believed to promote longevity and overall health” (Kubala, 2018).

I would like to share my own experience thus far with this Ayurvedic herb. For starters, I have actually never tasted or tried this herb out in my diet, but I do have an uncle who uses it every day. My mother’s sister’s husband who lives in India actually has a packet of triphala churna powder in his kitchen, and he actually mixes this Triphala powder into water and drinks it three times a day. He is in excellent physical condition, and he says that after drinking this powder mixed with water, every day, he has never felt more energized in his life. He remarked on how energized he feels, even after an extremely long day at work, and he still has the energy to spare! How. Awesome. Am I right?

In this day and age, where all of us, with no exception, work long hours of work, have almost little to no energy when we come back home , and seem to constantly be overworked and tired, this triphala churna for hair growth essentially sounds like Heaven. Today, however, the topic I would like to focus on is Triphala Churnafor hair growth.

Ladies, or men, raise your hands if you have ever been in this predicament before. You come out of the shower, and you take a quick look at yourself in the mirror. Now, wait a minute. Something seems off. You inspect yourself, but nothing looks different. That’s when you stroke your hair in deep thought, and you realize oh my goodness, what happened to my hair? Yup, I’ve been in the same predicament before guys. And let me tell you, it’s not very pleasant, is it? 

Let me share a personal experience with you all. When I was younger, and still I elementary school, my hair used to be extremely thick, I would also get comments on my hair being long, and think, and beautiful: the pinnacle of hair beauty, right? I loved my hair, and refused to cut it, and kept growing it longer. But those days are long gone now. At 24, I stand before a mirror now, and I look sadly sown at my hair. My hair has all but lost its thickness, and it doesn’t grow as rapidly as it used to. I used to be able to make my hair into two thick braids, that measured three fingers long in width. And now, when I look at my hair in a thin, little braid, I seriously want to cry, because where has all my hair gone? The thickness of my hair has completely vanished, and I’m left with sad, think stands in their place.

I used to think that all hope is lost, but then, recently, I read about the miracle that is  Triphala churna, and immediately, hope swelled within my bones once again, and I can face the world with brighter, more hopeful eyes. Yes, ladies and gentle, the triphala churna for hair growth is an excellent remedy, and Ayurvedic method, to stunning hair growth, so those of you will any hair concerns at all, grab a seat, make some tea, and sink in for the various benefits the triphala Churna can offer to you and your hair.


1. Stimulates Hair Growth

Triphala is very helpful in stimulating hair growth in those who find their hair to be falling out frequently, as well as those who suffer from hair thinness. All you do is take some triphala churna, and mix it with water. There are two ways that you can use triphala to stimulate the growth of your hair. One way is to simply eat it. You can also just apply the churna to the places on your scalp where the hair is thinning as this will help hair grow back rapidly in those places. Triphala’s “emollient properties” act to “lock moisture” in hair and help battle alopecia (Chaudhary, 2019).

2. Is A Highly Effective Hair Wash

For those with hair, or scalps, that are very oily, triphala for hair growth is a perfect remedy to use. It is “very good for cleaning oily hair and scalp,” which is the type of hair and scalp that actually kind need to be shampooed most frequently (Khaliq, 2017). It is a much healthier option than normal “commercial shampoos” because unlike these shampoos, triphala does not contain the “very harsh detergents that” can cause immense damage to the hair (Khaliq, 2017). Experts recommend to use triphala “instead of shampoo” (Khaliq, 2017). The best part of that while there are different types of shampoos recommended for different hair types, Triphala Churna works well for all hair types just the same. Triphala “reduces oil efficiently from the hair” (Khaliq, 2017). You can just avoid the chemical-filled “shampoos” (Khaliq, 2017).

So, how do you use triphala as a natural, effective hair wash? Simple. All you do is wet your hair as always, and then apply the Churna to your “scalp with a gentle massage” (Khaliq, 2017). Once you have ensured that you have applied the Churna to all parts of your hair, all you do is “wait for 2 minutes”, and then “wash it off with water” (Khaliq, 2017). The greatest benefit this will offer you is that if you constantly use triphala as a hair wash, it will help to “condition your hair”, and turn your hair very “soft and shiny”. Not only this, but the act of massaging the scalp “will boost up the blood flow” to your scalp “and promote the hair root to grow” (Khaliq, 2017).

3. Removes Dandruff

Triphala for hair growth powder can be as a “hair mask” to fight “even the most stubborn dandruff within no time” (Chaudhary, 2019). So how exactly do you get rid of the dandruff with Triphala? Simple. All you do is “mix 2 tablespoons of triphala powder” with “4-5 tablespoons of water” (Chaudhary, 2019). Then, you “massage the paste gently on your scalp.” After this, you simply “wash it off after 20-30 minutes” (Chaudhary, 2019).

4. Boosts Your Hair’s Volume

Triphala Churna works excellently as a hair volume booster, in two ways. The Churna has contains ingredients with “active formulas” (Singh, 2017). For example, Haritaki is one of the ingredients. Haritaki possess “antibacterial and antifungal power to” fight against scalp infections which “prevent hair growth” (Singh, 2017). Not only can it boost the volume of your hair, but this powder also works greatly to “reduce dandruff, which does not allow for proper hair growth” (Singh, 2017). It is interesting to note that “one of the reasons why your hair volume is not up to the mark could be attributed to the condition of your liver, as well as poor digestion” (Sengupta, 2018). Triphala fights actively against both of these these issues “by cleaning the digestive system” (Sengupta, 2018).

5. Brings Back Shine To Hair 

A variety of reasons can lead to hair dullness. While “dust” and “ultraviolet rays” may be contributing factors, so are the “toxin” that our very own body produces (Singh). Due to this, it is necessary that we “flush out the toxin at regular intervals to keep our body clean and healthy” (Singh, 2017). This is where triphala churna for hair growth comes in. Triphala churna helps “reduce body toxicity and thus, works as a cleanser” to help bring back the lost shine of” “hair” (Singh, 2017).

6. Manages Split Ends

Raise your hands if you’ve ever had nightmares about your split ends. Yup, that’s right, I’m raising my hand. Split ends, for those of you who have had the pleasure of thus far evading them, are essentially when the bottom ends of your hair strands start to split, and the hair becomes very thin. Harmful chemicals, or not taking proper care of your hair, can also cause split ends to multiply rapidly. But have no fear: Triphala Churna is here! (Hey, that rhymes!) Yes, “each of” the “ingredients” found within Triphala Churna contains essential oils” which “prevent dryness” of hair, and also help stop splitting hair ends, and putting a stop to those notorious split ends.

Homemade Triphala Hair Oil for Double Hair Growth - Aloevera Gel to get Long hair, No Hair Fall

7. Manages Frizzy Hair 

Triphala for hair growth helps “reduces tangles and makes hair resistance to break down”, thereby managing frizzy hair (Singh, 2017).

8. Returns Hair to It’s Normal, Healthy Condition 

Herbal masks for the hair are a great way to help “restore their normal and healthy condition.” Simply “mix 1 teaspoon of Triphala powder with 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel”. Then, add a bit of water to make a paste out of” this mixture. Now, “apply the paste to wet hair and scalp and leave” it on “for 20 minutes, then rinse. If you don’t have Aloe, then you can make a paste just with the powder and water (use warm water)” as well (D., 2016).

9. Improves Blood Circulation and Body’s Absorption of Nutrients

Triphala contains an ingredient by the name of Amalaki, which helps in “improving blood circulation, and helps” the “body to absorb nutrients better, including minerals”, and this is what enables your hair to appear “healthy and lustrous” (Agnistoka, 2017).

So, there you have it, folks: the wondrous, numerous benefits that come with choosing to use Triphala Churna for hair grwoth. All that information can be quite overwhelming, so let’s recap the top nine benefits that this amazing herb can provide us all. Triphala stimulates hair growth, works as as highly effective hair wash, removes dandruff effortlessly, boosts the hair’s volume, restores shine to the hair, puts a stop to split ends, manages frizzy hair, returns hair to a normal, healthy condition, and most importantly, helps improve blood circulation , and greatly increases our body’s absorption of nutrients. Mind blowing, isn’t it? How one simple herb can provide these endless benefits to us? Well readers, it was a joy to explain the various benefits that Triphala Churna can offer for hair growth. If you get an opportunity, don’t miss out on trying this ancient herd, and get back to me on how it worked for you! I can’t wait for you all to try this miracle Ayurvedic remedy! I look forward to reading what you all have to say about it in the comments below. What is that sound I hear? The sound of your car engines as you all get ready to go out and buy this miracle remedy for yourselves? Make sure you grab yourself a bottle before everyone grabs one for themselves! Till next time, Ciao!


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