9 Amazing Labdanum Essential Oil Benefits

Are you looking for labdanum essential oil benefits? Labdanum essential oil benefits are plentiful and almost unbelievable read on to learn more.

What if I told you that labdanum essential oil benefits could do all six of these things below:

  • Enhance Memory and concentration
  • Improve the Appearance Of Wrinkles
  • Lift your mood, and control your anxiety.
  • Enhance Memory And concentration
  • Effectively Suppress Cough
  • Soothe Menstrual Pain

Sounds great amazing, doesn’t it? Almost too good to be true, right? But that’s the magic here, folks: this oil is not a product of our imagination, it truly does exist! Yes, you read that right. The oil is Labdanum Oil.

Yes, I can hear you. Lab…what oil? Labdanum Oil. Before we head right into the amazing, and variety-filled benefits this natural product can provide us with, let’s take a brief look at what it is. There is a flower called the “Aladania”, which is a “wild pink rock-rose,”, and it “produces a a black aromatic resin,” called “labdanum” (Bioaroma, 2015). It does this “every summer on its long and narrow green leaves” (Bioaroma, 2015).

“Well since the Minoan era, labdanum was the greatest natural product of Crete” (Bioaroma, 2015). In fact, “Ancient Egyptians” used it “to mummify bodies and burn it as incense at their temples” (Bioaroma, 2015). “Minoans,” on the other hand, “were using it to create incense and therapeutic and cosmetic ointments” (Bioaroma, 2015). 

It truly is amazing to see how old this oil is. To give you an idea of how people have been using this oil for centuries, I’d like to share the story of Dioscorides with you all. “Dioscorides (1st century AD)” was “a doctor and botanist in the Roman army,”, and he has referred “to the therapeutic properties of labdanum” (Bioaroma, 2015).

Not only Dioscorides, but also “the Roman doctor Celsus (25 BC – 25 AD), mentions the use of labdanum resin as a plaster for malevolent sarcomas” (Bioaroma). Additionally, there was a Byzantine a well-known Byzantine doctor who lived in the 4th century, named Oribasius. He “had created an ointment with ladanum” to fight  “hair loss. Labdanum or ladanum or ladanon resin is collected today exclusively in Crete, at the village Sisses (Bioaroma, 2015). The resin contains organic compounds that are called labdane diterpenes, which, according to studies, have antibacterial and cytostatic action” (Bioaroma, 2015).

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9 Amazing Labdanum Essential Oil Benefits

1. Increases Memory and Concentration 

   Like many other essential oils, it turns out that Labdanum essential oil contains something by the name of pinenes. These pinenes are extremely beneficial to us humans because they “enhance cognition and boost” our memories (I.R., 2018). Now, the important question. How exactly do pinenes do this? Well, pinenes can actually stop the breaking down of neurotransmitter molecules. There is a “substance called acetylcholinesterase”, and this “induces” the “breakdown of neurotransmitter molecules” (I.R., 2018). Labdanum oil helps inhibit the breakdown of these molecules. Therefore, this particular oil can boost our brains, and provide them with the power of great memory and concentration. How exactly do we reap this benefit? Dimple. Simply, massage your head with “ a small amount of diluted essential oil,” or if you prefer, you can also “diffuse the oil” (I.R., 2018).

2. Improves Wrinkles 

Regardless of how amazing all of our complexions already are, it’s still no guarantee that we will never get wrinkles, or get a dull complexion here and there sometimes. If you find yourself wanting to remove the wrinkles on your skin, thereby receiving a brighter complexion instantaneously, labdanum oil could be the very holy grail you are looking for. Yes, this essential oil is often used to restore youthfulness and life to complexions that have turned “dull or mature” (I.R., 2018). In addition, the oil also greatly aids in “reducing the appearance of wrinkles” (I.R., 2018).

The great thing about Labdanum essential oil is that it has strong “astringent properties”, which help to “tighten the tissues and reduce puffiness” on our faces. Additionally, this oil is high in “antioxidants”, and this makes it the perfect oil to “fight the free radicals”. These free radicals, if not fought, lead unfortunately to “cell damage that leads to wrinkles. Skin cells that can not damaged by “free radicals”, on the other hand, “can function optimally and restore the healthy appearance of skin” (I.R., 2018). So, how can you use labdanum oil to fight against the formation of wrinkles? Easy. Simply grab some labdanum and mix it together with your everyday moisturizer. Another way to make labdanum oil work for you is by simply combining “a few drops” of the Labdanum oil “with a light but rich carrier oil, like jojoba or rice bran oil” (I.R., 2018). You can then gently massage the mixture into the areas of your skin that you wish to protect from wrinkles.

3. Relieves Stress And Anxiety

 An additional benefit labdanum essential oil offers us all is the ability to strongly calm our mind by reducing stress and anxiety. Labdanum oil is often seen as the “go-to essential oil for getting rid of anxiety, stress, tension, and emotional trauma” (Herbert, 2017). To use this essential oil to reap this particular benefits, you simply apply “diluted labdanum essential on your skin,” “and massage the area gently”. If you do not wish to directly apply this diluted oil to your skin, you can choose to use a diffuser to fill your room “with the healing scent of the oil” (Herbert, 2017).

Almost every single one of us goes through stress one time or another. In fact, with our rapidly paced lifestyles nowadays, it is a rarity to find someone who is not feeling stressed. From a psychological lens, “stress” is simply “the body’s natural response to threat or pressure” (Herbert, 2017). This explains why “when you get stressed, you” start to feel “overly tense or nervous (Herbert, 2017). It is important to remember that stress response is not only mental, but also physical. “Stress causes a spike in adrenaline, a hormone that affects the central nervous system” (Herbert, 2017).

So, how do you go about using this labdanum essential oil to relieve all the stress and anxiety contained within your body? One way you can use it is by  diffusing the oil “at home or inhaling it directly whenever you feel the need to lift your mood or control your anxiety” (Seward, 2018). Yet another way to use labdanum oil to fight our stress and anxiety is to “combine meditation with a few drops of the oil in order to reach a state of relaxation” (Labdanum Oil, 2010). This is “often” accomplished by using “other essential oils such as frankincense to deepen the breath, or patchouli for its cherished grounding effects” (Labdanum Oil, 2010). “This process helps” our neural impulses return to their normal state, and allows” our “emotions and energies to flow freely” (Labdanum Oil, 2010).

4. Reduces Coughs

Did you know that labdanum oil also is great for reducing coughs? Yes, “Labdanum essential oil also acts as an antitussive” (Herbert, 2017). Now, what is an antitussive? Well, “antitussives are are commonly found in cough medications”, especially the ones for dry coughs (Herbert, 2017). “A dry cough is usually caused by over-sensitized tissues in our airways”.  As an antitussive, labdanum oil is a highly effective “cough suppressant” (Herbert, 2017). What labdanum does is it gears up “the part of the brain that” causes “coughing” (Herbert, 2017). Labdanum’s “anti-inflammatory properties” help heal the inflamed tissues, and the antioxidants help in fighting off infections caused by free radicals” (Herbert, 2017). The best part is that “all of these processes happen simultaneously, allowing you to get rid of the symptoms (Herbert, 2017).

5. Soothes Menstrual Pain

Labdanum oil greatly helps reduce “cramps, bloating, and other pain” that accompany with “menstrual problems” (Fuller, 2017). In fact, it decreases nausea and helps women “regulate” their “period cycles” (Fuller, 2017). To use labdanum oil to soothe menstrual pain, simply diffuse the oil, or you can “massage” a little bit of oil “into the abdomen” (Fuller, 2017) This reduces the cramped, and bloated feelings felt during menstrual cycles (Fuller, 2017). This oil had traditionally been “used by women to treat a variety of complaints associated with menstruation”, therefore, this is your go-to if you would like to reduce the “severity of” menstrual cramps, bloating and feelings of nausea” (Fuller, 2017). It additionally regulates the frequency of menstruation” (Seward, 2018).

6. Rheumatism

Every year, “millions of people sufferfrom painful and swollen joints caused by rheumatism and other forms of arthritis” (Seward, 2018). Labdanum oil, it turns out, is actually “one of the best solution to rheumatism” (Seward, 2018). The following are two methods you can use Labdanum oil to solve your rheumatism:

Solution 1: “Dilute Labdanum oil with your favorite carrier oil to make a luxurious massage mixture, or just add 5 or 6 drops to your bathtub; lower yourself into the water and let your body soak up the benefits” (Seward, 2018).

Labdanum can not only greatly help those suffering from arthritis, but it can also be beneficial to use for people who have “aching or painful joints or muscles” as a result of their “daily activities or from sports” (Seward, 2018). In those type of situations, one can simply use the labdanum oil as a nice massage oil, of if they wish, they can have a bath “infused with labdanum essential oil” to grant them relief from painful joints or muscles (Seward, 2018).

7. Rejuvenates Skin

Essential oils are the go-to if If your skin needs rejuvenating and some TLC. If you look down at your skin, and notice it looks dull and lifeless, then you should grab some Labdanum oil. Why? Labdanum contains “antimicrobial and astringent properties that give it plenty of applications for the skin” (Seward, 2018). As a result, it can greatly help liventired and aging skin,” and “reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles, and tighten loose muscles and skin” (Seward, 2018).

8. Treats inflamed or irritated skin 

Irritated or inflamed skin greatly benefit from Labdanum oil. The best way is to dilute the oil “with a suitable carrier oil for a massage” (Seward, 2018). You can also just add a “few drops” of the oil to your body wash and cleanser” to help benefit any irritated skin (Seward, 2018).

9. Effective Spiritual & Meditation Oil

The main ingredient in “many Oriental perfumes”, and “amber blends” is in fact labdanum. “Some of the clients of” the Nature’s Gift company have used “Labdanum as a spiritual or meditation oil.” They have testified that the scent of the oil “seems to take them to other places” effectively “in their mind, and later they crave the smell of it” (Labdanum Absolute). These two qualities help them to effectively meditate without any distractions.It’s quite amazing just how many health and beauty benefits simply one oil can offer you. Indeed, in offering 9 benefits to us all, the labdanum oil stands above all the rest as a miracle oil. In review, this particular oil increases memory and concentration, improves the appearance Of wrinkles, relieves stress and anxiety, reduces coughs, soothes menstrual pain, heals rheumatism, rejuvenates the skin, treats inflamed or irritated skin, and last but not least, acts as a highly effective spiritual & meditation oil.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are only the nine most important benefits Labdanum Oil has to offer to us, and that there are plenty more it can help is improve upon. Having learned all the benefits of this wonderous oil, I’m sure that you are eager to get a bottle of this oil for yourselves. I think I’m going to head out right now to get one for myself. So, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to join me? See you at the store!


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