7 Quick & Healthy Indian Dessert Ideas from Fit Tuber

The words “healthy” and “dessert” aren’t often uttered in the same sentence, but there isn’t a written rule that desserts can’t be part of a balanced meal. However, studies have shown that adults who indulge in dessert but eat an otherwise nutritious diet have a greater chance of producing long-term success in weight loss. This is true because the body will respond to small amounts of desserts that satisfy cravings by satiating its own appetite for them.

If you’re looking to eat healthier, it can be tempting to simply cut out sweets altogether. After all, that’s where the calories are, right? But that may not be the best idea. An occasional healthier sweet treat will help you feel less like healthy eating equates with deprivation, and will help you to enjoy both eating well and feeling well afterward.

There’s a reason why your body craves certain delicious desserts. Low carb diets often overlook the fact that carbohydrates are an essential nutrient for the body. While desserts may not be the healthiest form of carbohydrates, the right indulgences can fuel your body and mind.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, suddenly decreasing your intake of carbs and sugar deprives your body of the necessary glucose needed for energy. Dieting can actually increase feelings of sluggishness, mental fog, and distraction.

So over time, if you reduce your consumption little by little, it is possible to retrain your brain and tastebuds to crave sugary foods less, experts say.

To get you started we found this video from Fit Tuber a fitness enthusiast from India. He has informative videos that share health tips, quick healthy recipes, workout tips, motivational videos, workout videos, and more.

7 Quick & Healthy Dessert Ideas for your Sweet Tooth (Indian Dessert Recipes)