7 Amazing Sonth Powder Benefits for Weight Loss

Most herbal medicines that you’ll find in the market will have a hint of sonth powder benefits in it (better known as ginger powder). It has a bold taste that titillates your taste buds. It’s an effective treatment for nausea, motions sickness and morning sickness and small studies show it has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Ayurveda has used sonth root for everything- form treating digestive issues to headaches, but only recently scientists have been able to recognize sonth powder benefits for weight loss, clinical, and medicinal properties.

Sonth powder is extracted from the root which is dried. It is a fine off-white or slightly brownish powder that has a strong aroma and a pungent flavor. Easy to store, sonth powder has a long shelf life of about one year.

If you are trying to lose weight or simply want to boost your immune defenses, sonth powder can be an effective and inexpensive remedy that you can even prepare at home.

While it’s an appetite suppressant, immune system booster, and has anti-cancer properties, it’s particularly well known for its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. But what many people don’t know is that sonth can promote weight loss by activating the metabolizing and helping to burn fat, sonth powder benefits for weight loss are plentiful.

1. Sonth Powder Improves Your Metabolism 

Being bloated can make your jeans feel tight, but there are some digestive problems that can lead to long-term weight gain. Gastrointestinal and digestive issues can definitely have a large effect on the way we eat and how our bodies absorb and digest foods, causing us to gain or lose weight.

Sonth powder helps by easing blockages in the colon and promoting a natural cleansing action. By removing toxins through the bowel, as well as extra waste, the body will shed weight. Sonth contains chromium, magnesium, and zinc, which boost the immune system and help to give your body more energy.

2. Sonth Powder Reduces Fat Absorption

Saturated and trans fats are considered unhealthy because they encourage the accumulation of fatty cholesterol deposits on the artery walls, which can lead to heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

It’s important to black fat absorption through exercise and foods.  A 2011 study published in, “Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture” found that sonth, along with other spice compounds, stimulated pancreatic activity and increased the production of bile salts. Both of these changes resulted in lower fat absorption when eating a high-fat diet.

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3. Sonth Powders Increases Bowel Movements

Waste = weight. The extra poop sitting around in your body is a main cause of your excess weight. When you learn to rid your body of extra waste on a regular basis, weight loss and maintenance become effortless. Similar to dietary fiber, dry sonth powder also increases the speed at which your intestinal and gastric tract empty. his does not mean that eating sonth powder will make you pass an entire meal; however, sonth can support regular digestion, which in turn supports weight loss.

4. Sonth Powder Can Suppress Your Appetite 

Appetite suppressants are types of supplements that work by reducing appetite, thereby decreasing food consumption and promoting weight loss. Nature provides us with foods that works just as great. Sonth powder is a great way to feel fuller, and is a natural appetite suppressant. Sonth has a positive effect on norepinephrine and dopamine: two hormones that activate the part of the nervous system that reduce hunger

5. Sonth Powder Helps Lower Your Cholesterol 

Having more body fat is linked to unhealthy cholesterol levels. Sonth has been shown to reduce cholesterol by breaking down the fats that clog arteries. By expanding the blood vessels, the body’s average temperature increases and this helps to burn more fat. Furthermore, sonth has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals that are found in the blood stream. The anti-inflammatory effects inhibit the blood vessels from becoming inflamed, increasing the flow of blood in the body to cure the pain.

6. Sonth Powder Can Help Fight Belly Fat

Not only can sonth help with weight maintenance in general, it can also keep that pesky belly fat at bay. Sonth can target the main reasons that belly fat accumulates, such as overeating, hormonal changes and low energy leading to lack of exercise. Hormonal changes and chronic stress can cause spikes in levels of blood cortisol, which throws the immune system and metabolism out of balance.

7. Sonth Calorie Can Help Burn Calories 

You can make weight loss quicker and easier by increasing your metabolic rate and burning more calories. Sonth has the thermogenic effect, which means it increases the temperature of your body and helps to boost your metabolism and the calorie burning process. The International Journal of Obesity even states that by consuming foods that has the thermogenic effect will help with weight loss, increased energy and fat burning.

This humble kitchen ingredient has a lot to offer and so, you must make the most of it. Regularly consuming dry sonth powder helps support your efforts to lose weight, but it’s unrealistic to expect major weight loss without making other lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise.