13 Great Laurus Nobilis Essential Oil Benefits

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Laurus nobilis essential oil benefits are well-regarded in aromatherapy due to its unique molecular structure. It contains elements of nearly all of the primary chemical groups which make up essential oils. The result is a broad range of therapeutic uses. Laurus nobilis essential oil benefits can be attributed to its properties like anti septic, anti biotic, anti neuralgic, anti spasmodic, analgesic, aperitif, astringent, cholagogue, emenagogue, febrifuge, insecticide, sedative, stomachic, sudorific and tonic.

Discovered in the twentieth century, with a masculine and spicy aroma, Laurus nobilis essential oil is pleasant to use during fall and winter. Laurus nobilis essential oil benefits are enormous. From its application as hair growth tonic to keeping dandruff at Laurus nobilis, it possesses a lot of therapeutic properties. Being a stimulant of the digestive system, respiratory passages, circulatory system and the lymphatic functions, Laurus nobilis leaf has been a trusted traditional remedy for keeping numerous health conditions at Laurus nobilis.

Laurus Nobilis Essential Oil Benefits

1. Promotes Appetite

Laurus nobilis essential oil benefits may help improve appetite so the body is supplied with nutrients that enable it to function properly. Malnutrition can, and typically will fly under the radar until something is visibly wrong, at which point it may be too late.

2. Provides Respiratory Relief

Laurus nobilis essential oil benefits are known to be an expectorant as it is able to clear up excess phlegm and mucus lodged within your respiratory tracts, thus relieving congestion of the nasal passageway. This hence helps to promote a freer and unobstructed breathing passage. As such, Laurus nobilis essential oil benefits are great for those suffering from coughs, colds, flu and bronchitis.

3. Helps Heal Wounds:

Laurus nobilis is nature’s blissful gift for healing wounds and skin infections at ease. With its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, the fresh and dried leaves along with the essential oil have been in use in healing wounds, scars, bruises, cuts, insect bites and minor skin allergies. Laurus nobilis were used in folklore medicine as a remedy for venomous snake bites, poisonous stings and bites.

4. Regulates Menstrual Flow

Extracts of the Laurus nobilis leaves have been used to stimulate menstrual flows, thus making the essential oil a good, natural remedy for irregular and improper menstrual cycles. It helps to stimulate and regulate menstrual cycles, thus ensuring that your menstrual flows are proper, timely and regular.

5. Relieves Muscular pain

Laurus nobilis essential oil benefits are highly effective in relieving muscle pain. In fact, it has been used for centuries now. It is a proven analgesic too. The extracts from Laurus nobilis leaves are believed to inhibit neutrophil (a type of WBC) into the inflamed tissue, which, in turn, prevents further inflammation.

6. Pain Relief 

Laurus nobilis essential oils are a good pain reliever. A good analgesic prevents pain by fighting inflammations which trigger pain. Laurus nobilis essential oils are known to have this capability giving you instant pain relief. You can bet that the essential oils are a better pick as they have little to no adverse effects on you after continued use. They would rid you of chest pains, migraines, joint pains and many other pains caused by respiratory tract infections.

7. Antibiotic Properties

Laurus nobilis essential oils are also known for its antibiotic properties. That means that it inhibits any sort of biotic growth (growth of microbes, bacteria, or fungi) in the body, effectively safeguarding you against those infections. There is one more advantage of using this oil as an antibiotic. It is completely safe and has no adverse side effects (unless used in very heavy doses), unlike those antibiotic medicines available on the market that heavily impact the liver, heart, and other internal organs.

8. Insecticide Properties 

Being lethal for insects and lower animals is yet another beneficial property of this oil, which helps drive away insects. Therefore, laurus nobilis essential oils can be used in fumigants, sprays, vaporizers, and in various other ways to keep away insects.

9. Anti-neuralgic

Neuralgia is very painful and it leaves almost the entire oral zone, including the throat, ears, tonsils, base of the nose, larynx, pharynx, and the surrounding areas suffering from severe pain. It is caused due to compression of the glossopharyngeal or the ninth cranial nerve by the surrounding blood vessels, which tends to swell when excited or stimulated as a result of chewing, eating, laughing, shouting, or any other excitement or movement in that region. The essential oil of Laurus nobilis has analgesic and astringent properties, which help provide relief from the pain of neuralgia in its own way. Being an analgesic, it reduces the feeling of pain in the affected area. Then, as an astringent, it induces contraction in the blood vessels, thus relieving the pressure on the cranial nerve, giving immediate relief from the pain.

10. Sedative

Laurus nobilis essential oil sedates nervous afflictions and disturbances and helps provide relief from conditions like epilepsy, hysteria, convulsions, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, etc.

11. Promotes Overall Functioning Of Body Processes

The Laurus nobilis essential oil may function as a tonic and be of advantage to the entire body as it may increase metabolic function like the breakdown of food and nutrient absorption by stimulating organs such as the liver, stomach and intestines to give strength and vitality.

12. Removes Toxins

The human body is capable of removing unwanted substances by itself, however, certain factors may decrease the body’s ability to do so, making it necessary to assist the body to remove harmful toxins. Laurus nobilis essential oil promotes the excretion of toxins from the body by enhancing perspiration, so that excess sodium and water can be removed, regulating body temperature and preventing the accumulation of these toxins to cause ailments.

13. Skin Care 

Laurus nobilis is good for normal to blemished skin. Laurus nobilis essential oil can be used topically to treat acne, ulcers, boils, and abscesses. Laurus nobilis oil can be applied to the skin directly after diluting half the oil with another half or carrier oil.

Laurus nobilis essential oil has a long history of usage in the healthcare sector and like most other essential oils, available widely for you to get your hands on. It possesses some noteworthy benefits, which you can take advantage of as long as you use judiciously and upon recommendation of a specialist.