13 Amazing Boldo Herb Benefits

Boldo herb benefits includes promoting blood circulation, eliminating intestinal worms, relaxing the body, supporting a healthy liver, removing toxins from the body, act as an insecticide, helps fight rheumatism, fights inflammation, support digestion, improves immunity, helps heal wound faster, and help treat fever. Boldo is a rich aromatic tree and is very known in South America. Boldo herb benefits has good use as a natural remedy for many health problems.

Scientists believe that boldo leaves have been consumed as a health tonic for ages. For centuries, the boldo herb was used by the ancient civilizations of Chile and Peru. The native tribes of South America would use these leaves as a culinary spice or as herbal infusion to treat the liver, the gallbladder and the urinary tract. The boldo herb was also traditionally used to cure stomachaches, hangovers, inflammations and rid the body of intestinal worms. It was valued for its detoxifying action as well as its ability to soothe pain and calm strained nerves.

While the bark of the boldo shrub might be consumed, it is usually the leaves that are consumed for health reasons. The leaves are steeped in hot water to make boldo tea, or the leaves are ground first then combined with water to make a beverage., Its strong bitter flavor led people to blend it with yerba mate, another popular South American beverage. However, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center advises that “Regular use of mate is linked to increased risk of developing prostate, lung, bladder, esophageal, and head and neck cancers.

Boldo Herb Benefits

1. Blood Circulation

An adequate flow of blood throughout the body helps the nutrients that have been absorbed by the gut to reach vital organs; your blood flow is what gets oxygen circulated throughout your vital organs and the entire body. Boldo herb benefits is a natural stimulant that enhances blood flow. It stimulates the nerves, brain and overall blood circulation in the body. It stabilizes the respiratory system and ensures a proper amount of oxygen is reaching the liver, lungs and other organs. It also acts as a stimulator for the elimination of unwanted elements from the spleen, gallbladder, and liver.

2. Relaxing Properties

Boldo herb benefits sedative properties help to treat anxiety as it contains a slight amount of sedative. it is used in very small doses to relax and calm the muscles and your brain – elevating your mood. It has soothing and tranquilizing effects that are much like that of anesthetics. A sight overuse can cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting. You can make a small cup of tea using this herb and drink if you have anxiety related problem.

3. Healthy Liver

Your liver is one of the most important organs in the body. This herb helps to detoxify the liver and protects against many liver diseases. By detoxing liver it helps us in any other way. If you don’t take care of your liver, all the toxins you are subject to throughout the day can adversely affect your health and you will start becoming more susceptible to contracting various health disorders such as jaundice. Boldo herb is very effective in healing the liver and stimulating the excretion of harmful toxins in it. It also promotes the production of bile, which helps the liver break down complex foods without harming itself.

4. Diuretic in Nature

As a stimulant and purifier, boldo herb benefits have a diuretic effect on the body. This means that it has the ability to increase the frequency and the quantity of your urine. This promotes the excretion of harmful toxins, salt and retained water from the body. This also keeps the body’s LDL cholesterol in check as it removes the harmful fats from the body through urination. This is very effective in reducing blood pressure problems and promoting heart health.

5. Anti-inflammatory

Boldo herb benefits contains a good amount of anti-inflammatory property. It can be used to reduce the inflammation significantly. Rheumatism is a growing concern, especially among women. The pain and inflammation it causes are difficult to deal with and any reduction in it is a welcome feeling.

6. Targets Intestinal Worms

Another great digestive benefit of this infusion is how it keeps the digestive tract healthy by expelling microbes, bacteria and even intestinal worms. Finally, it is also said to have a healing and cleansing action in the case of food poisoning. A clean healthy and parasite free intestinal cavity and GI tract are necessary to maintain your overall health.

7. Healthy Digestion

Boldo herb benefits are wonderful to help with stomach pains and bad digestion. Drinking a cup of tea with the herb may help to fortify the stomach and help prevent and relieve heartburn or stomach spams and cramps. Healthy digestion plays the most important role in the overall health of the human body. As the digestive system is directly exposed to the toxins that enter the body through food and water, it is likely to accumulate toxins and release dangerous gases.

8. Improves Immunity

Boldo herb is considered an antimicrobial and antibacterial infusion as it is said to help treat infections and also prevent diseases caused by harmful bacteria or viruses. This helps strengthen the immune system of the body and keeps it safe from seasonal illnesses. It may bring relief to an overloaded immune system, allowing it to recover and improve.

9. Fever Treatment

Boldo contains chemicals that can calm inflammation and reduce uneasiness in the body. This has been used for centuries in herbal medicine to treat fever as they were aware of its antipyretic properties.

10. Antiseptic

Boldo essential oil is often added to balms and such ointments due to its antiseptic properties. This protects the wounds from infection and promotes faster healing by doing so.

11. Weightloss

Boldo herb benefits stimulate your stomach in cases of slow digestion. If you have a heavy stomach after meal, you may need a cup of this tea to help boost the production of bile to speed up the breaking down of foods, allowing your body to better absorb its nutrients and get rid of unwanted wastes.’

12. Reduce Bloating

Boldo herb benefits improve the health of your intestines. It may be used to bring relief in case of bloating, flatulence or colic. It has a soothing action that helps to calms bowel spasms and relieves inflammation in cases of irritable bowel syndrome.

13. Gallbladder Relief

Boldo herb benefits prevent the formation of gallbladder stones. It is said that it may also treat and reduce existing stones, but this should be done with care and only for small stones. In more serious cases, boldo tea may worsen the situation and so the advice of a doctor and proper testing is always recommended.

Boldo herb benefits are vast, but you should also take care when taking this tea medicinally. Pay attention to the dosage or any previous medical conditions and, of course, talk to your doctor about drinking this tea. This herb should be treated more as an occasional remedy.

Side effects of too much boldo tea

This is an herbal tea that should not be used for long periods of time continuously. Excessive amounts of this tea on a daily basis may also be unhealthy, possibly even toxic. Not sticking to the recommended amounts may also overstress the very organs that you are trying to heal. Too much of this infusion may cause gastrointestinal distress, even intestinal damage. Make sure to have a doctor prescribe the right dosage of this tea for you and what your body can handle.