11 Tips on How To Untangle Matted Hair

Knowing how to untangle matted hair is important. Matted hair can happen if your hair isn’t untangled properly and regularly. Curly, straight, ethnic, dry or frizzy hair types can all be prone to matting and single strand knots. Untangling hair, whether it is curly, wavy or kinky, is something that comes with the territory and can be taxing. If you’re not mindful, gentle, and patient, you could end up causing more harm than good.

Matted hair occurs when the combination of attached and shed hairs entwined in clumps or web-like tangles. Matted hairs are more severe than regular tangles. Some are prone to matted hair, but many can experience matted hair when wearing braids or extensions too long. Matting can also occur when hair has not been untangled to remove shed hairs. Shed hairs that stay in on your head can knot several times around attached hair, create a tangle, and lead to matting if not removed.

While some may decide to seek a professional (hair stylist) to untangle matted hair, it can be done at home with a few tools and some serious patience. Here are on how to untangle matted hair.

1: Start with a Wide Toothed Comb

A wide toothed comb can help you delicately untangle matted hair. Section what areas you can in your head off to work in small sections. Slowly and softly run the comb from the down your hair starting from the ends. Working your way to the scalp gradually, taking help of your fingers to separate hair strands.

How to Detangle EXTREMELY Tangled Hair

2: Use Your Fingers

Finger detangling is probably the safest way to untangle matted hair. Use fingers softly feel for the mats. With your fingers can you locate the severely matted areas and pull apart the strands, but take your time. The goal is to untangle matted hair and decrease further damage. Use your fingers to gently unravel knots, try separating strands even if some knots remain.

3: Use an Oil

You can help untangle matted hair with the use of oils. Oil can help the matted hair become smoother and softer and creates a slip to help you to untangle matted hair fast and painlessly.  Lubricate your way through your tresses using a light oil such as olive, coconut, or almond and use your fingers to detangle from ends to the the roots.

Natural Hair: Dry Detangling with Oil

4: Grab Some Conditioner

Untangle matted hair by saturating it with an slippy conditioner. This is not the time to use the recommended amount either. Really saturate it. If your hair is very dry allow the conditioner to sit for up to 30 minutes. You can even add heat to really get the product to loosen and soften the strands before proceeding with your fingers.

5: Use Untangle Sprays

Hair detangling products provide remarkable assistance when attacking matted hair. The some in sprays and cream and usually have ingredients that provide plenty of slip to untangle mats. Try using a product specifically targeted for stubborn knots that has a thick, creamy consistency. Or try this DIY spray to untangle matted hair:

DIY: Detangler (great for styling & refreshing hair too!)

6: Wrap Hair and Sleep on Satin

This one is more for prevention but the cause of your matting could be the result of sleeping with loose hair or on surfaces that promote drying and tangling. Before sleeping wrap up your hair in a silk scarf if it is prone to matting.Or you can sleep on satin pillow cases since cotton and other materials tend to make the hair dry and more prone to mats, knots and tangles.

7: Keep Your Hair Straight or Stretched

If severe matting happens very often and untangling isn’t a real solution then it may be better to keep your hair stretched or straight to avoid knots and matting. To reduce the amount of time you spend untangling each week, try wearing hairstyles that keep the hair straight, stretched, and separated.

8: Use Leave-In Conditioner

Like an untangling spray, leave-in conditioners help to make your hair softer and helps with untangling matted hair. Just apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair and untangle with your fingers. You can use clips for dividing your hair to make untangling by sections easier.

9: Use a Lanolin Based Moisturizer

lanolin, has a deep moisturizing effect on hair. When massaged into hair, it can provide a softness to otherwise unmanageable hair. Rub a few drops of lanolin based moisturizer in the hair before finger untangling. The fatty substance frees mats, knots, and tangles painlessly and quickly.

10: Use Cornstarch

This is a tried and true home remedy and is very effective to untangle matted hair. sprinkle cornstarch powder into the scalp then use your fingers, a pick or a wide toothed comb to remove the mats.

11: Get Help From The Shower

Untangle matted hair when wet can be troublesome but if you have tried every other method this may be your answer. The pressure from the shower head can help push through the matting tang tangles. To use this method apply generous amount of conditioner to your hair and work through with fingers while standing directly under the shower. If you encounter knots, work through each knot.

After all else has failed, you realize that some knots cannot be salvaged and therefore, should be removed to prevent further damage to the hair. Consider using scissors as a last resort, if you need more tips on how to manage matted hair check out these videos.